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Need Help Creating An Order? Speak To A Select Sales Rep Today!
Need Help Creating An Order? Speak To A Select Sales Rep Today!

Power Tower, Pull-Up Dip Machines

Pull-Up, Dip, and Knee Raise Stations

Pull-Up, dip, and vertical knee raise stations are a useful asset for home and commercial gyms for multiple exercises. 

They aim to provide the user an all in one station where they can perform hanging exercises like a pull up or hanging knee raise, as well as a platform for dips. 

These machines come in the form of just a rack, or an assisted version that contacts a pulley system and a weight stack to offset the weight of the user, making the above mention exercises easier, based on what the user would like to do. 

Either a Pull-up, dip, knee raise rack or an assisted one, would be great for users at either end of the experience spectrum and everywhere in-between. 

If you have room for one of these versatile machines/racks, we highly suggest investing in one to broaden the scope of exercises available to you or your members. 


We carry machines and racks from brands like Body Solid, TKO Strength, Bodykore, Inflight Fitness and more, so there is a variety of options to choose from!

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