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Leg Extension and Leg Curl Machines

Leg Extension and Leg Curl Machines

Leg Extension and Leg Curl Machines Collection Image

Leg Extensions and leg curls are an absolute must-have for any leg day weight training regimen!

 Whether you're looking for a machine for each leg extension and leg curls, or a combo of both, we have options. 

Extension and curl machines are designed with variable resistance, biomechanically correct ranges of motion, and adjustability for comfortable use by as many people as possible

Plus, with compact designs, you can easily add these machines to your home gym.

Leg Extension Machine: Take your quads to the next level with a leg extension machine. Warm up, superset with other exercises, or finish off your legs with a classic quad movement.

Leg Curl Machine: Get the most effective hamstring exercise with a leg curl machine. Leg curl machines provide a targeted hamstring movement perfect for warming up, combining with other movements like the Romanian deadlift, or finishing off your hamstrings on an intense leg day.

Leg Extension and Leg Curl Combo: Get the best of both worlds with a dual leg extension and curl machine. These all-in-one machines provide multiple benefits like saving time in-between sets, saving space on your floor, and saving money instead of buying two machines!

Our collection features a range of machines from brands, including Body Solid, TKO Strength, Bodykore, and more!

Shop for a leg extension or curl machine today. Got questions? Contact us to speak with a fitness equipment expert who would be happy to help you, or check out some helpful content at the Leg Extension/Curl Blog!