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Need Help Creating An Order? Speak To A Select Sales Rep Today!
Need Help Creating An Order? Speak To A Select Sales Rep Today!

Calf Machines

About the Calf Workout Machine Machine

Calf Machines Collection Image

If you suffer from small calves, as many people do, investing in a calf workout machine is your next best decision.

At Select Fitness USA, we too, used to suffer from this terrible lack of calf muscle but found the solution through various calf raise and calf training machines.

There is something for everyone whether you workout at home or you're a local gym owner looking for a commercial grade calf machine, you can find a variety of seated and standing calf raise and calf press machines among other multi-purpose leg and calf exercise equipment. 

Seated Calf Raise: A seated calf raise machine and calf press places the user in a sitting position, isolating the calves from help from any other muscle groups. Effectively setting 100% resistance on your calves is helpful for an effective workout. 

Standing Calf Raise: A standing calf raise machine, or cable calf machine is a classic that allows the user to perform calf raises in a natural standing position. This machine type is suitable for loading heavy weight on the calves and being in a day-to-day position for realistic calf training. 

Multi-purpose leg and calf machine: Some leg presses and squat machines serve more than one purpose. The calves are relatively simple to train, so they can be easily mixed in with other leg machines requiring a similar range of motion. It only takes a few inches of vertical resistance on the calves to place a heavy load on them and get a full stretch and contraction.  

Shop now and bring your or your members' calves to a level you're proud of. Got questions? Contact us, and an expert will gladly help you out.