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Need Help Placing An Order? Contact Us Today!

Inner Outer Thigh Machines

Discover the perfect addition to your lower body workout regimen with Select Fitness USA's wide variety of inner thigh, outer thigh, and inner outer thigh machines, with options for both commercial gym owners and home gym enthusiasts.

Our collection caters to building strength, stability, and definition in the adductor muscles, abductor muscles, glutes and thighs, which is why these workout satiations are frequently called adductor and abductor machine too.

There's a common myth that thigh workouts are exclusively for women. We think men should be able to have strong supporting muscles for the thighs and glutes though. C'mon guys you can use this machine too!

With adjustable and ergonomic designs from leading brands like Body Solid, TKO Strength, Bodykore and more, our adductor abductor (inner thigh and outer thigh) machines ensure you have elite level equipment at the standard you deserve.

Whether you're a gym owner aiming to attract and retain a diverse membership or a home user seeking to enhance your lower body confidence, satisfaction is guaranteed with our selection of the best inner outer thigh machines in the market. 

Explore the many options at Select Fitness USA and find your path to a stronger, more confident you.