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Selectorized Gym Equipment

Shopping Selectorized Weight Machines

Selectorized Weight Stack Machines

Select Fitness USA carries a number of selectorized gym equipment machines that offer users endless variation for their workout regimen. 

Putting together a full set of machines to have at least one for each muscle or body part provides the ultimate gym experience for users. 

Placing the correct type of equipment in your facility is essential for your budget, the user's safety, the workout experience, and the machine's longevity

Weight stack machines are a staple in fitness facilities across the United States from home gyms to the busiest commercial gyms and health clubs supporting thousands of members.

Providing users with a safe and effective way to isolate individual muscles is key to a happy and successful member or trainee.

A selectorized weight stack machine contains a compact stack of weight plates ranging anywhere from 120 pounds to 400 pounds.

A steel pin is used to SELECT the weight for the exercise, providing the ability quickly and easily change weights for drop sets or training with multiple people at once.

Selectorized gym equipment comes in multiple forms like single, dual, and multi purpose which are useful for safely overloading muscles without relying on free weight compound movements like the bench press or back squat.

Shop selectorized weight stack machines from well-known brands like Body Solid, TKO Strenght, Inflight Fitness, Bodykore, and more!

Whether you need a leg press, chest fly, lat pulldown, back row, ab crunch, or multi-stack home machine, we have options for you to choose from that are sure to satisfy your needs.

At Select Fitness USA, we support you every step of the way. If you have questions about any machine or brand, please contact our experts, and we'll gladly help you proceed.