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Body Solid Vs. Powertec | Leverage Home Gyms Comparison

Body Solid Vs. Powertec Featured Image

In the world of home gym equipment, two brands reveal themselves as head to head competitors: Body Solid vs Powertec

Both Body Solid and Powertec offer an extensive range of fitness equipment to cater to various workout styles and user preferences.

In this article, we'll compare each brand, including some head to head clashes with similar products they both offer.

The goal is to provide you with a comprehensive overview of the offerings from Body Solid and Powertec, empowering you to choose the equipment that best aligns with your fitness goals and preferences.

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Company Profiles 

Product Lines Comparison

Body-Solid GLGS100 vs Powertec WB-LS Leverage Gyms

Body Solid SBL460 Vs. Powertec Workbench Multi-System

Customer Support

Final Thoughts

Company Profiles

Body Solid Overview

Body Solid Logo Image

Established in 1989, Body Solid has become a reputable brand in the fitness equipment industry. Known for their versatile and high-quality home gym equipment, Body Solid's nearly 500 products, cater to a wide range of budgets and end-users, from compact machines to full-scale home gyms.

    Powertec Overview

    Powertec Brand Image

    Founded in 1997, Powertec is another formidable player in the fitness equipment market.

    The company has built a reputation for producing durable and heavy-duty home gym equipment, with an emphasis on leverage / plate loaded systems to provide safe and cost effective workouts.

      When comparing Body Solid and Powertec, it's essential to consider factors like pricing, versatility, warranties, and load capacities.

      While Body Solid caters to a wider audience with its diverse product offerings and lifetime warranties, Powertec excels in delivering heavy-duty workout machines for experienced users.

      By evaluating your needs and preferences, you can find the ideal gym equipment from these trusted brands.

      Let's take a look at what exactly each brand produces and offer their customers.

      Body Solid Vs. Powertec Product Lines

      Body Solid Product Offerings:

      Home Gyms

      Body-Solid offers a wide range of universal home gym machine options to cater to various budgets and fitness needs.  

      From single stack, multi-purpose machines, to 3/4 stack all in one gym machines, body solid offers an extensive array of home gym machines that are very popular. 

      Weight Benches

      Body Solid produces over 20 different weight benches to go with all their other equipment. 

      From inexpensive home gym weight benches and adjustable FID benches, to full commercially rated, 1000 pound capacity benches.  

      Functional Trainers

      Similar to other lines of equipment, Body Solid has no shortage of dual cable functional trainer machines and cable crossovers. 

      With some designed for home gyms, light commercial settings, and full commercial gym facilities, there is a cable machine for just about anyone that Body Solid produces. 

      Power Racks

      Power racks from Body-Solid are built with durability and user safety in mind, offering stable platforms for intense workouts.

      With various heights, extra attachment options, and high weight capacities, these power racks cater to all levels of fitness. 

      Powertec Product Offerings:

      Leverage / Plate Loaded Weight Machines:

      Powertec is mostly known for their specialization in leverage plate loaded workout machines like multi-purpose home gym stations, leverage chest press machine, and pull up / dip assisted machine. 

      This results in very cost effective, and versatile machines for all your workout needs at home. 

      Weight Benches:

      Powertec Offers a few great weight benches to go with their other machines, or for individual use. 

      Their Workbench flat, FID, and utility benches are a few of the best sellers. 

      Power and Squat Racks:

      Powertec produces a limited, but specialized selection of racks for free weight movements like there power rack, half rack, and smith machine which are all of great quality and add great value to any home gym. 

      Functional Trainers:

      Following the Powertec theme of plated loaded machines, Powertec creates some legit plate loaded functional trainer cable machines. 

      These machines are cost effective, eliminating the cost and shipping expenses of heavy selectorized weight stacks. 

      Body Solid vs. Powertec Product Comparisons

      Next, we will compare a few specific models of equipment that Body Solid and Powertec share in common, so you can make an unbiased opinion. 

      While Body Solid creates far more equipment than Powertec in totality, these few products will put the two brands at an even playing field so we can see which might be best for you overall.

      Body-Solid GLGS100 vs Powertec WB-LS Leverage Gyms

      Body Solid GLGS100 Vs. Powertec Workbench Lever Gym

      The Body Solid GLGS100 and Powertec WB-LS Leverage Gyms are both excellent options for home gyms, offering a wide range of exercises in a compact design. 

      Each machine is equipped with all you need to perform a range of exercises from just a single machine. 

      Lets get into some of the differences and similarities of the two machines. 

      Body Solid GLGS100 Vs. Powertec WB-LS Differences


      The Body Solid GLGS100 comes in one color; red. Some find the color attractive and sleek looking in their gym space especially with the GFID100 red and black adjustable bench that goes with it. 

      The Powertec Workbench Lever Gym comes in an attractive yellow, or black color. Both of which are good looking in your workout space, with the added benefit of choosing your color. 


      Body Solid GLGS100: $1060 or $1350 with a bench

      Powertec WB-LS: $1599

      Included Accessories:

      Body Solid GLGS100: (1) x Lat Pulldown Bar, (1) x Low Row Straight Bar, (1) x Revolving Cable Handle, (1) x Squat Bar, option FID bench.

      Powertec WB-LS: (1) x Lat Pulldown Bar, (1) x Low Row Straight Bar, (1) x Squat Bar, (1) FID Bench.

      Machine Weight Capacity:

      Body Solid GLGS: 600lbs

      Powertec WB-LS: Press Arms: 500lbs and Cable Lat: 300lbs

      Product Warranty:

      Body Solid GLGS100: Lifetime In-Home, Light Commercial

      Powertec WB-LS: Limited Lifetime, Residential Only

      Body Solid GLGS100 Vs. Powertec WB-LS Similarities

      Build Quality: 

      Both the machines are built with a high level of quality, workmanship, and have comparable warranties as mentioned above. 

      Workout Options:

      Both machines feature a squat / press arm station, high pulley lat pull-down station, low pulley station, and band pegs for added resistance. 

      Great Reviews:

      Both of the two machines are highly rated across the internet with 5 star reviews left and right. 

      Body Solid's GLGS100 reviews are spread across retails like amazon, Walmart, and specialized dealers like us!

      Powertec's reviews can mostly be found on their official website. 

      Body Solid SBL460P4 Vs. Powertec Workbench Multisystem

      Body Solid SBL460 Vs. Powertec Workbench Multi System

      The Body Solid SBL460 and the Powertec Workbench MultiSystem are both great  multi-station home gym systems, but have some differences that set them apart. 

      Body Solid SBL460P4 Vs. Powertec Workbench Differences


      Body Solid SBL460: $1595 or $2495 

      Powertec WB-LS: $2199

      Optional Bench Package:

      Body Solid SBL460P4: All stations and an adjustable bench are included with the SBL460P4, and for a cheaper option, the SBL460 comes without the bench and added workout options. 

      Powertec MultiSystem: What you see is what you get, with the bench included and mounted to the machine. 

      Machine Weight Capacity:

      Body Solid SBL460P4: 600lbs

      Powertec WB-LS: Press station: 500 lbs., Lat Station: 300 lbs., Squat Station: 500 lbs.

      Product Warranty:

      Body Solid SBL460P4: Lifetime In-Home, Light Commercial

      Powertec MultiSystem: Limited Lifetime, Residential Only

      Body Solid SBL460 Vs. Powertec MultiSystem Similarities

      Build Quality: 

      Just like with the other leverage gym comparison, both the machines are built with a high level of quality workmanship, and the build quality on either machine should be of no concern.

      Workout Options:

      Both machines feature a leverage squat and calf station, lat pull down and high pulling station, and multi-chest press stations.

      The SBL460P4 however comes with an included bicep and tricep station, and a leg extension and curl station, which would be an additional cost for the Powertec Multisystem. 

      With the add-ons required to achieve an equal workout versatility the two machine actually become around the exact same price. 

      Great Reviews:

      Both of the two machines are highly rated across the internet with 5 star reviews left and right. 

      Body Solid's GLGS100 reviews are spread across retails like amazon, Walmart, and specialized dealers like us!

      Powertec's reviews can mostly be found on their official website. 

      Body Solid Vs. Powertec Customer Support

      Body Solid's Customer Support

      Body Solid is well known for their exceptional customer support both from the brand themselves, and their vast network of dealer partners like us.

      They have a dedicated team of professionals who are always ready to help customers with any questions, concerns, or issues they may have with their gym equipment.

      Body Solid's customer service can be reached via phone, email, or live chat, ensuring that customers always have an easy way to get in touch with the company.

        Powertec's Customer Support

        Powertec also has a customer support team that can be reached through phone and email.

        While their staff is knowledgeable about their products, the availability of live chat support may not be as extensive as Body Solid's with the added support from national dealers.

        Final Thoughts

        When comparing Body-Solid and Powertec gym equipment, it is important to focus on their offerings in terms of quality, versatility, and functionality.

        As you can see when the two brands line up in terms of similar products, they are quite comparable and both offer an amazing platform of which to workout with. 

        While Body Solid features a more extensive and broad fitness equipment selection that may be advantageous to browse through, Powertec offers a a more specialized set of products that to provide a great at home workout experience.

        From an outside prospective, its fair to say if you're looking for an inexpensive piece of home gym equipment to perform a verity of exercises with, Powertec fitness equipment can be a great option. 

        If you want a far broader selection of durable, long lasting fitness equipment at a range of different prices, Body Solid will be your best bet. 

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