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Best Body Solid Home Gym | The Ultimate Home Gym Buyers Guide

The Best Body solid Home Gym Machine Featured Image


So you're looking for the best body solid home gym...

Well, you've stumbled into the exact place you need to be. 

In this article, we'll show you a plethora of Body Solid's all in one home gym machines and go in depth about some of the most popular options.

We'll explain exactly why those select few are the best body solid home gym models, and how you should go about choosing one of your own. 

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- Body Solid Gym Models Available

- Best Body Solid Home Gym Suggestions

- Choosing a Body Solid Home Gym

- Body Solid Home Gym FAQs

Save On Your Body Solid Gym

Body Solid Home Gym Models

In this section we have compiled a convenient list, with the need to know bullet info for each one, to bring you up to speed on some of the body solid home gym models that are available today in 2023.

We have listed some single stack, multi-stack, plate loaded, budget friendly, and premium home gyms for sale from body solid. 

Browse through these to get a good understanding of the models for sale, and below that, we go into more detail about our top 7 choices from the list. 

Single Stack Body Solid Home Gym Models

Body Solid G1S

Body Solid G1S Single Stack Home Gym
  • 160lb Stack
  • 5 Workout Stations
  • 12 Gauge Steel Frame
  • Optional Leg Press 
  • Best Under $1500!!

Shop G1S

Body Solid G3S 

Body Solid G3S Single Stack Home Gym

  • 160 or 210 Lb. Stack 
  • 5 Workout Stations
  • 12 Gauge Steel Frame
  • Optional Leg Press 
  • Space Friendly!!

Shop G3S

Body Solid G5S

Body Solid G5S Single Stack Home Gym

  • 210 Lb. Stack
  • 6 Workout Stations
  • 11 Gauge Steel Frame
  • Optional Leg Press
  • Best Under $3000!!

Shop G5S

Body Solid G6BR

Body Solid G6BR Single Stack Home Gym

  • 210 Lb. Stack 
  • 6 Workout Stations
  • 11 Gauge Steel; Red Coating
  • Optional Leg Press
  • High Functionality!!

Shop G6BR

Multi-Stack Body Solid Home Gym Models

Body Solid EXM3000

Body Solid EXM3000LPS Home Gym

  • Dual 210 Lb. weight stacks
  • 7 Workout stations
  • Heavy gauge steel: White
  • Optional Vertical Knee Raise
  • #1 Best Seller!!

Shop EXM3000LPS

Body Solid G9S

Body Solid G9S Home Gym

  • Dual 210 Lb. Stacks
  • 7 Workout Stations
  • Heavy Gauge Steel: Grey
  • Optional VKR
  • Best Overall!!

Shop G9S

Body Solid G10B

Body Solid G10B Home Gym

  • Dual 210 / 260 Lb. Stacks
  • 6 Workout Stations
  • Up to 2 Users at Once
  • Optional Leg Press 
  • Unique Options!!

Shop G10B

Body Solid EXM4000

Body Solid 4000LPS Home Gym

  • Triple 210 Lb. Weight Stacks
  • 9 Workout Stations
  • Heavy Gauge Steel: White
  • Optional Leg Press Station
  • Ultimate Versatility!!

Shop EXM4000LPS

Save On Your Body Solid Gym

Body Solid Fusion Models

Fusion 500

Body Solid Fusion 600 Home Gym

  • 210 / 310 Lb. Stack
  • 6 Workout Stations
  • Heavy Gauge Steel
  • Optional Leg Press
  • Premium $$$

Shop Fusion 500

Fusion 600

Body Solid Fusion 600 Home Gym Machine

  • 210 / 310 Lb. Stack
  • 6.5 Workout Stations
  • Heavy Gauge Steel
  • Optional Leg Press
  • Best Single Stack Gym!!

Shop Fusion 600

Body Solid Leverage Models

Body Solid SBL460

Body Solid SBL460P4 Leverage Home Gym

  • Plate Loaded
  • 40+ Exercises!
  • 11 Gauge Steel
  • Included Accessories
  • Best Leverage Gym!!

Shop SBL460P4

Body Solid GLGS100

Body Solid GLGS100 Leverage Home Gym

  • Plate Loaded
  • Multi-Use Stations
  • Round Red Steel
  • Included Lat Bar
  • Budget Friendly

Shop GLGS100

Body Solid Budget Models

Body Solid BSG10X

Body Solid Powerline BSG10X Home Gym

  • 160 Lb. Stack
  • 5 Workout Stations
  • 12 Gauge Steel: Grey
  • Optional Leg Press
  • Budget Friendly 

Shop BSG10x

Powerline P2X

Body Solid Powerline P2X Home Gym

  • 160 / 210 Lb. Stack
  • 6 Workout Stations
  • 12 Gauge Steel: Grey
  • Optional Leg Press
  • Best Value!!

Shop P2X

Best Fitness BFMG20

Body Solid Best Fitness BFMG20 Home Gym
  • 145 Lb. Stack
  • 4 Workout Stations
  • 12 Gauge Steel: Red
  • Included Accessories
  • Best Under $1000!!

Shop BFMG20

Best Fitness BFMG30

Body Solid Best Fitness BFMG30 Home Gym
  • 145 Lb. Stack
  • 5 Workout Stations
  • 12 Gauge Steel: Red
  • Included Accessories
  • Budget Friendly

Shop BFMG30

7 Best Body Solid Home Gyms

Now that you know of the many options Body Solid offers, we'll take you one step farther by providing details on what we've seen are the best Body Solid home gyms. 

We usually push certain people towards certain models for their specific needs. If you fall into any of the following categories, the home gym we suggest will fit you best and provide the best experience for your personal situation!

Without further a due, Here is a shortlisted version of our top picks when shopping for a Body Solid home gym machine.

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Best All-Around: Body Solid G9S

Best Value: Body Solid Powerline P2X 

Best With Leg Press: Body Solid EXM3000LPS

Best Single Stack: Body Solid Fusion 600

Best Plate-Loaded: Body Solid SBL460P4

Best Under $3000: Body Solid G5S

Best Under $1500: Body Solid G1S

Best All-Around Body Solid Home: The G9S

The Body-Solid G9S is a multi-station gym system for your home or light commercial weight room.

It comes with seven exercise stations and two 210lb stacks that allow for completely customized workouts with a ton of variety.

The seven workout stations included:

  • Multi-press arm
  • Lat-pull down and high pulley
  • Leg extension and curl
  • Peck deck and rear fly
  • Ab crunch / mid pulley
  • Seated row / low pulley
  • 420 Lb. resistance leg press machine

At only 90"L x 73"W x 84"H, this machine provides you with the ability to effectively train your entire body in the confines of one machine. 

This is top pick multi-station home gym machine for its versatility, premium build quality, and fair price point.

Best Body Solid Home Gym Value: The Powerline P2X

If you're looking for an affordable and versatile home gym system, the Powerline P2X Home Gym is the best option. 

The P2X boasts a sleek design that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing, and comes with a 160lb weight stack consisting of machine drilled, alloy weight plates. 

The P2X has six workout stations including:

  • Multi-press arms
  • Lat pulldown and high pulley station
  • Ab crunch and mid pulley station
  • Functional pulleys
  • Leg extension and leg curl station
  • Seated row and low pulley station.
  • Plus an optional leg press

At just 71"L x 50"W x 83"H in size, with 6 included stations, a 160 lb. stack with an upgraded 210 lb. stack, an optional leg press attachment, and a 10 year warranty, the P2X fully spec'd out will cost you less than $2000!

This machine offers great value for the money with such versatility for anyone looking to take up less space or budget with a purchase of a new home gym. 

Best Body Solid Home Gym With Leg Press: The EXM3000LPS

The Body-Solid EXM3000LPS home gym system is the ultimate solution for those who want to bring the entire gym home with them, at an affordable cost.

With its 7 workout stations, two 210 lb. stacks and high quality build, the EXM3000LPS provides everything you need in a gym, but from home. 

The 7 Workout Stations Include:

  • Multi-press station
  • Lat pulldown/high pulley station
  • Leg extension/standing leg curl station
  • Pec deck/fly station
  • Ab crunch/mid pulley station
  • Seated row/low pulley station

The EXM3000LPS has everything you need for a complete and effective workout, similar to the Body Solid G9S, but a slightly more affordable price point.

Its also back by a LIFE TIME warranty. Yup.

The EXM3000LPS is the best selling home gym for its versatility, durability, life time warranty, and very fair price point. 

Best Single Stack Body Solid Home Gym: The Fusion 600

The Body Solid Fusion 600 is the highest level build quality and exercise versatility with just a single weight stack. 

The machine features many workout stations all the small confines of one machine, with an additional focus on functional training, and cable movements. 

The Machine features the following stations:

  • Multi press station
  • Lat pull down / high pulley 
  • Functional training pulley arms
  • Chest fly / rear delt station
  • Leg extension / curl attachment 
  • Optional leg press 

This machine aims to provide dozens of different exercise options across the entire body by offer multiple highly versatile stations used in multiple use-cases. 

With the heavy build quality, multi workout stations, a 210 or 310 lb stack, the optional leg press, great warranty, and compact dimensions 74"L x 51"W x 83"H, the Fusion 600 is the best possible option featuring just a single weight stack!

Best Leverage Body Solid Home Gym: The SBL460P4

The Body-Solid SBL460 Free Weight Leverage Gym is a versatile and safe workout machine that allows you to work out on a machine using weight plates instead of a selectorized weight stack.

It offers over 40 exercises including

  • bench presses
  • Leverage squat and calf raises
  • Chest flies
  • Lat pull down
  • leg extension and curls
  • bicep curls and tricep extensions
  • Mid row and ab-crunches
  • Plus more with a lit creativity

The gym has a strong, heavy-duty mainframe made of 10 and 11 gauge high tensile strength steel, and the equipment features a DuraFirm™ upholstery that is sweat and tear-resistant.

It comes with a lifetime warranty on everything, including pads, pulleys, cables, and frames.

The Body-Solid Free Weight Leverage Gym is the best option for a plate loaded multi-station home gym machine from body solid and potentially on the whole market.

Best Body Solid Home Gym Under $3000: The G5S

Looking for a high-quality home gym under 3000 dollars?

Look no further than the Body Solid G5S Single Stack Gym System! Packed with features and built to last, the G5S offers a complete workout experience from the comfort of your own home.

It has six different workout stations:

  • Multi chest press
  • Lat pulldown
  • Mid row / ab crunch
  • Chest fly / rear delt fly
  • leg extension / curl
  • Seated row / low pulley

With its 210 lb. weight stack, you can challenge yourself and make progress with each of the above workout stations.

The great build quality, highly versatile exercise options, warranty, and price point under $3000 dollars make this gym a fantastic option for anyone in the middle price point. 

Best Body Solid Home Gym Under $1500: The G1S

Looking for a gym that's effective, space-saving, and under $1500? Your search ends with the Body-Solid G1S home gym.

With over 40 exercises available and a 160 lb. weight stack, you'll have everything you need to get toned and trim from the comfort of your own home.

Plus, the G1S features DuraFirm™ pads with lumbar support to prevent lower back strain and self-lubricating bronze bushings for friction-free rotation.

And with the Body-Solid In-Home Lifetime Warranty, you can trust in the quality of this gym for years to come.

Don't settle for anything less than the best - choose the Body-Solid G1S for your home gym needs if your budget is $1500.

Save On Your Body Solid Gym

Selecting the Best Body Solid Home For You

When choosing a Body-Solid home gym, there are several factors to consider in order to make the best decision for your unique needs. 

Budget Considerations

One of the primary factors to consider when selecting a home gym is your budget.

Body-Solid offers a range of gyms at various price points to suit different financial situations.

It's important to establish a realistic budget and determine which features and equipment are crucial for your fitness journey.

Keep in mind that higher-priced home gyms may provide more advanced features and functionality, while more affordable options can still offer a great workout experience. 

Space Requirements

Another crucial factor to consider is the amount of space available in your home.

Body-Solid home gyms come in various sizes, so it's essential to measure your intended workout area before making a purchase.

Ensure there is enough space not only for the equipment but also for moving around and performing exercises comfortably.

Some Body-Solid models are compact and designed for smaller spaces, while others require more room for their multiple features and stations.

Fitness Goals

Your fitness goals should also play a significant role in selecting the right home gym.

Different Body-Solid models cater to various workout objectives, and experience levels.

Identify your specific goals and select a gym that provides the necessary features and equipment to help you achieve those aims.

When in doubt, give us a call. We have experts on staff ready to help you make the most educated purchase you can. 

Body Solid Home Gym FAQs

Is Body Solid A Good Brand? 

Yes, Body Solid is a reputable brand known for its high-quality fitness equipment. Among the most popular products in Body Solid's catalog are actually all the home gyms featured in this article. 

For more information, read our full article here: Is Body Solid a Good Brand?

How To Use a Body Solid Home Gym?

 Using a Body Solid Home Gym once assembled properly is straightforward and efficient.

The whole idea of one of these all in one gym systems is to provide an easy and effective workout at the comfort of your home. 

As long as you understand the machine, the exercises it provides, and to perform the exercises, operating any Body Solid home gym is a breeze. 

You can refer to the Body solid website for specific exercise tutorials and advice on proper form and technique.

Body Solid Home Gym Manual

When you purchase a Body Solid Home Gym, it includes an assembly manual and an exercise guide.

The manual provides detailed instructions on assembling the equipment, proper usage, and safety precautions, although some manuals are more helpful than others.

If you happen to misplace your manual, you can easily find it on the product page of the specific model you purchased or are purchasing.

Body Solid Home Gym Maintenance

A well-maintained Body-Solid Home Gym not only ensures longevity and optimal performance but also provides a consistently smooth and seamless workout experience.

Cleaning Tips

To keep your equipment clean and hygienic, follow these tips:

  • Wipe down the equipment every few uses with a soft, damp cloth to remove sweat, dirt, and other residues.
  • Use mild soap and water or a gym equipment-specific cleaning solution.
  • Pay special attention to high-touch areas such as handles, grips, and seats. 

Routine Maintenance

By performing periodic maintenance, you can prolong the life of your Body-Solid Home Gym and ensure it operates smoothly.

Consider the following routine maintenance practices:

  • Inspect the equipment for any visible signs of wear, such as frayed cables, loose bolts, or worn padding. Address any issues promptly to prevent accidents or further damage.
  • Lubricate moving parts as needed or recommended by Body-Solid's guidelines. Use of the proper lubricant can help prevent squeaking and ensure a smooth workout experience.
  • Check and tighten all bolts, nuts, and screws on a regular basis, as they can become loose over time. This will help prevent wobbly or unstable equipment.
  • Monitor cable tension and adjust as necessary. Proper tension ensures that the machine functions efficiently and minimizes the risk of cable-related injuries.

Body Solid Home Gym Older Models?

 If you have an older model Body Solid Home Gym, you can still find support and information on the website.

Although some older models may be discontinued or replaced with newer versions, Body Solid still provides manuals and guidance for their usage and maintenance.

Additionally, you may be able to find replacement parts through their customer support team for older gym models.

Body Solid Home Gym Plate Weights?

 Body Solid Home Gyms typically use two types of resistance systems: weight stacks and plate-loaded systems.

Body Solid's selectorized weight plate stacks feature individual 10 Lb. weight plates that total to the specific amount of the machine you own. 

Some models of functional trainers, home gyms, and other body solid machines are able to be increased using their weight plate upgrade sets. 

Where Do You Buy A Body Solid Home Gym?

 You can purchase the Body Solid home gym you have chosen at any number of retailers across the united states, including Select Fitness USA. 

In fact, if you've made it to this point in the guide, and you are new to Select Fitness USA, use code " 5%off " on your first purchase for 5% off!

Where Can I Get Assembly Service?

We offer nation wide professional assembly services for all of our products, including Body Solid home gyms. 

If you are not keen on assembling the gym yourself, or you want the convenience of an assembly service, just contact us and let us know you want an assembly with your purchase, and we'll take care of everything else!


At the end of the day, the best Body Solid home gym is the one that suits your needs best. 

We have provided some of the best options at certain prices points, home gym types, and all of them are fantastic options to workout at home with. 

If you have any questions about a machine, or need help choosing the best gym, please contact us on the phone or live chat, and we'll gladly help you make the best decision. 

Save On Your Body Solid Gym

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