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Body Solid G9S Two Stack Gym

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Body Solid G9S Home Gym | Ultimate All-in-1 Fitness Solution

Crafted with exceptional quality materials and featuring upgradable 210 lb. weight stacks, robust cables and pulleys, 7 versatile exercise stations, and an eye-catching design, the Body Solid G9S proudly represents the 30+ years of innovation.

  • High durability construction for long-lasting performance.
  • Upgradable 210 lb. selectorized weight stacks.
  • 7+ workout stations for legs, chest, back, arms, and core workouts.
  • 420/520 Lb. resisted seated leg press machine included.
  • Premium seats, upholstery, handles, cables, pulleys, and accessories.
  • Front to back, lifetime in-home warranty.
Body Solid G9S Dual Stack Home Gym

Body Solid G9S Exercise Stations:

G9S Station 1:

Chest/Shoulder Press

This versatile station combines three functions into one, allowing for a full range of motion exercises. With adjustable pads to accommodate users of all sizes, you can target your chest, back, and shoulders with maximum concentration.

Lat Pulldown / High Pulley

Amplify the size, strength, and endurance of your back, shoulders, and triceps muscles with the Lat Pulldown/High Pulley Station. No need for adjustments as the easy-access hold down rollers fit users of all sizes. 

Leg Extension / Standing Leg Curl

Don't forget leg day! Equipped with the innovative SmoothGlide Bearing System™ and a biomechanically accurate pivot point, the leg extension/curl station ensures consistent resistance throughout the full range of motion.

G9S Station 2:

Chest / Rear Delt Fly:

Sculpt your pecs and rear delts with precision using the G9S's Pec Deck/Fly Station. This station provides variable starting positions and optimal biomechanical movement. Fine-tune your muscle isolation for the best muscular development.

Ab Crunch / Mid Pulley:

Focus on your abdominal and oblique muscles with the Ab Crunch/Mid Pulley Station. Designed to isolate these muscle groups, this station allows for a lean and muscular waist. Never neglect your abs again.

Seated Row / Low Pulley:

Even more back day killers with the Seated Row/Low Pulley Station. The seated row and low row pulley add versatile and well rounded exercises options to your back day routine, target top to bottom.  

G9S Station 3:

Leg Press / Calf Press Station:

Included in the G9S gym is a fully functional seated leg press and calf press machine.

Its unique two-bar linkage self-aligns the angle of the leg press plate to your body, ensuring proper biomechanics and eliminating ankle torsion.

Experience friction-free movement and precision alignment, thanks to the pillow block and sealed ball bearings.

The 2:1 weight ratio converts the 210/260 lb. weight stack into a challenging 420/520 lbs. of resistance. Unlike anything else on the market.

With an adjustable back pad and two-position press plate, achieve complete leg and calf development.

The Body Solid G9S Premium Touch

Body Solid G9S Home Gym Premium Seats Close Up

The G9S is the top-level home gym from Body Solid. Providing more than just exercise stations and weight stacks.

Its an extremally well built, all-around premium machine with multiple unique design features that add value to the user whether or not they realize it.

Constructed with high durability materials, adjustable seats, selectorized weight stacks, and all the accessories you need to start working out immediately after assembly.

  • Gas Assisted Adjustable Seats:

Each adjustable seat post is gas assisted for a smooth, quick adjustment to get the proper body positioning at each station. Discomfort is hard to find on this universal home gym machine.

  • Two Upgradeable 210 lb. Selectorized Weight Stacks:

Each station is connected to 1 of (2) 210-pound weight stacks shared through the home gym machine. This precisely thought amount of weight will challenge even the strongest home gym users. If you're like Arnold, you can add up to 50 lbs. to each stack, making them 260 lbs. each.

  • Top grade DuraFirm™ Pads and Upholstery:

Body-Solid made sure to leave nothing out in this complete home gym machine. The DuraFirm padding throughout the machine is high-density, durable foam with a leather substitute upholstery.

  • 2,200 lb. Test Strength Cables:

Tension strength, military spec, and steel aircraft cables with swiveling ends provide durability and low maintenance across the machine.  The cables connect everything and can either be weak or strong points in a home gym. For the G9S, it's the latter.

  • 4½" Fiberglass reinforced Nylon Pulleys With Steel Bearings:

The many pulleys on this machine are extra smooth and durable. They're made with fiberglass-reinforced nylon plastic with stainless steel ball bearings inside. This ensures you get that premium feel at each station on the G9S home gym.

  • 11-gauge Steel Construction: 

Strong gauge steels ensure a durable and long-lasting home gym machine. Body-Solid is known for its long last equipment because they are "Built for Life", and backed by excellent warranties. 

  • Tough, Durable, Electrostatically Applied Powder Coat Finish:

The attractive paint coating is for more than looks. The powder coating acts as a seal for the steel to fend off moisture and general wear and tear. 

All the Accessories you need to work out today:

  • Revolving lat bar
  • Revolving straight bar
  • Ankle strap
  • Ab crunch / Tricep strap
  • Total Body Workout™ DVD 
  • Full-size exercise chart 
  • Convenient water bottle and towel holder

    Body Solid G9S Dimensions:

    • Assembled Dimensions: 90"L x 73"W x 84"H
    • Suggested Area for Usage: 11' 10" X 9' 6" X 7'
    • Assembled Weight: 964lb
    • Ships in 7 boxes on a pallet
    • Heaviest box is only 110 lbs. 

    Body Solid G9S dimension diagram

      Body Solid G9S Warranty

      Body-Solid Lifetime In Home Warranty - For Residential Settings
        • LIFETIME: Frame & Welds
        • LIFETIME: Pulleys, Bushings, Bearings, Hardware, Plates, Guide Rods
        • LIFETIME: Cables, Upholstery, Grips (Normal Wear)
      Body-Solid Light Commercial Warranty - For Light Commercial Settings
        • LIFETIME: Frame & Welds
        • 3 YEARS: Pulleys, Bushings, Bearings, Hardware, Plates, Guide Rods
        • 1 YEAR: Cables, Upholstery, Grips (Normal Wear)

      Body Solid G9S Assembly Manual

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 4 reviews
      Jerry Chapman

      Great gym set. Easy for my wife and I to work out together. Haven’t needed the extra wight set that takes each stack to 206lb’s but will later. The 5LB add on helps to go up 1/2 stack, real helpful on the leg lifts where the weight is double. My daughter and son-in-law used it on their visit and got a better work out than they ever with their free weights.

      Jacob O.
      It's a solid beast

      Make sure you have a level spot with plenty of room. This is a machine like in a fitness club. Sturdy. Lots of different workout options. But it does take some time to assemble. Don't rush it. You don't want to miss putting a part on it. Be deliberate. I put it together by myself, which is ok if you have prior experience assembling stuff. If you're not that comfortable with turning wrenches, reading directions and lifting pieces into place, assemble as a team. Two people are plenty. It took me alone about 4 days. It comes completely disassembled. But, the upside of putting it together is that you know how it works too. The directions are well done. Just follow step by step. Lay all your parts out with the smaller pieces up on a table. Organize it all before you begin to assemble. Put all the pieces together according to their colored tags. Get all your smaller pieces organized up on the table. With prior organization, once you start rolling on putting it together, it goes just fine and then, you're done and ready to use it. It is an impressive sight once assembled, and it is smooth. Enjoy. Get healthy!

      Ashley D.
      The Absolute BEST investment ever!!!

      I searched and researched for a home gym to purchase and came across this beauty! And it had EVERYTHING i would use at the gym. It did take us about 3 full days to put together but we DID IT! You have to carefully follow the directions and be sure NOT to skip ahead for Any reason or youll have to go back and redo a step. Some of the steps in the directions were a little confusing and I had to use highlighters to highlight some of the parts it was calling for since it has a lot of numbers and letters all over the place. Once we put it together we tried it out and we fell in love with this thing!!!

      We did receive this where the boxes were pretty banged up with some small parts out of the box but luckily everything was still there and we had every part we needed with no issues putting it together. Just wish the delivery was a lot more gentle with the boxes.

      Overall this is by far the BEST machine and performs ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!! Both my husband and I are in love with it! Yes it is pricey but Totally worth every penny!!

      Sparks A.
      Very high quality machine

      This is a very high quality machine that operates just like high end gym equipment. This came on a good sized pallet packaged very nice with no damage to any item. Putting this together is a chore. A second person would be helpful although I did do it by myself. You will need a large area to unpackage and lay all the items out. There is little color dots to group the parts for different stations. I would say plan on 7 to 11 hours to assemble. The machine operation is very smooth and feels well made. It is about 6 months in with regular use and not a single problem. Very happy with this machine!

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