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Jacobs Ladder X Review | The Ultimate Cardio Machine?

Get ready to take your cardio to the next level with the Jacobs Ladder X – a unique and innovative machine that delivers an intense full-body workout.

In this overview of the JLX, we'll dive into the design, features, and overall workout experience of this ultimate cardio machine.

Whether you're a fitness enthusiast or just looking for a new way to challenge yourself, read on to see if Jacobs Ladder X is right for you!

What is the Jacobs Ladder X?

Jacobs Ladder X - JLX

Designed with multi-functionality in mind, the Jacobs Ladder X is a revolutionary piece of fitness equipment that takes the old Jacobs Ladder climbing machine design found in the jacobs ladder, and jacobs ladder 2, but adds new and improved features and benefits. 

We compare all three machines in our resource, the jacobs ladder vs jacobs ladder 2 and compare each ones pros and cons to help decided which is best for you.

The JLX's unique design features an angled ladder-like structure with rungs that mimic climbing stairs, allowing for a full-body workout that engages muscles you didn't even know existed. But it's different from its relatives.

The Jacobs Ladder X is a 3 in 1 ladder climbing, stair stepping, sled driving, cardio machine. It brings all the other Jacobs Ladder machine benefits, with new and improved features.

But what sets the Jacobs Ladder X apart from other cardio machines?

For starters, it's low-impact and easy on your joints while still providing an intense workout.

It also has dynamically adjustable resistance levels to accommodate users of all fitness levels and can be used for both high-intensity interval training (HIIT) or steady-state cardio sessions.

When compared to traditional stair machines and other workouts, the Jacobs Ladder X offers a more challenging and effective workout in less time – making it perfect for busy fitness enthusiasts looking to get the most out of their gym time.

Jacobs Ladder X Has 4 Distinct Positions

One of the unique features of the Jacobs Ladder X is its ability to be used in four distinct workout positions. This allows for a variety of exercises, muscle engagement, and an overall versatile workout. Let's take a closer look at each position and what it has to offer.

Side Rail Workout

The side rail position is a unique variation of the hand over hand climb. Instead of using your hands to climb the ladder, you plant them on the side rails and use your legs to do all the work.

This exercise targets your lower body muscles, particularly your glutes and hamstrings, while also engaging your core for stability.

The side rail position is a great option for individuals who want to focus on their lower body or for those who may have wrist or hand injuries that prevent them from doing the traditional hand over hand climb.

Plus, the added stability from the side rails makes it easier for beginners to maintain proper form and technique.

The Standard Hand Over Hand Climb

The standard hand over hand climb is the classic exercise most commonly performed with any of the Jacobs Ladder machines.

By mimicking the motion of climbing a ladder, this exercise engages your upper body, core, and lower body muscles simultaneously.

The ladder rungs are set at a 45-degree angle, which means you're climbing a steep incline, making it a more challenging exercise than just climbing a regular ladder or step machine.

The motion of this exercise is smooth, thanks to the self-paced ladder that adjusts to your speed, making it easy for beginners to jump right in.

Stair Stepping Position

The Jacobs Ladder X also has a stair stepping position. This a favorite JLX position of ours.

This position mimics the motion of climbing up stairs, providing a low-impact workout that is gentle on your joints.

This position is perfect for those who are recovering from an injury or have joint issues. It also targets your glutes, hamstrings, and quads, making it a great lower body workout.

Sled Driving Position

The sled driving position is a unique feature of the Jacobs Ladder X. In this position, you push and pull the sled across the machine, engaging your upper body, core, and lower body muscles.

This position is perfect for those who want to add some variety to their workout routine and target different muscles than the traditional ladder climb.

Plus, it's a fun and challenging exercise that will leave you feeling accomplished.

Overall, the Jacobs Ladder X is a versatile and effective cardio machine that provides a full-body workout in less time than traditional machines.

Its low-impact design and dynamically adjustable resistance levels make it suitable for users of all fitness levels. Plus, with its four distinct positions, you

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Jacobs Ladder X Features

Digital Display

Jacobs Ladder X - JLX

The Jacobs Ladder X comes equipped with a digital display that tracks your time, distance, calories burned, and heart rate.

This feature allows you to monitor your progress and adjust your workout as needed to reach your fitness goals.


The Jacobs Ladder X is a self-powered machine, meaning you don't need to plug it in or use batteries. This makes it easy to move around your home gym or commercial gym without worrying about cords or outlets, as well as save money on your electric bill!

Transport Wheels

The Jacobs Ladder X also has transport wheels, making it easy to move the machine from one location to another. This is especially helpful if you plan on storing the machine in a different location than where you use it.

Dynamic Intensity Adjustment

The Jacobs Ladder X features a dynamically adjustable resistance level, meaning the machine adapts to your workout speed.

As you climb faster, the resistance increases, providing a more challenging workout.

This feature ensures that you are always working at your maximum capacity, resulting in a more effective and efficient workout.

Low Impact HIIT Cardio

When it comes to workout experience, the Jacobs Ladder X exceeds expectations.

If you have not tried a Jacobs Ladder before, find one in a local gym near you and give it a shot.

The unique climbing motion stresses the legs, the shoulders, the back, the arms, the core, and calves. All this, plus at a high pace, you'll be gasping for air with how intense the cardio gets.

It's an intense but rewarding experience that will leave you feeling energized and accomplished unlike any other cardio machine out there.

Low Impact

The 45 degree angle of the machine gives it it's low impact benefit.

There is simply not that much pressure on any one of your joints because of the even distribution of weight while doing the bear crawl climbing exercise.

If you're arms get tired, the Jacobs Ladder X has the stair stepper handles so you can rest your arms while climbing stairs and then get back to high intensity bear crawls.

Not only is it easy on your body, but it also reduces the risk of injury compared to high-impact exercises like running or jumping.

With that in mind, its safe to say that people of many fitness levels can benefit from use a Jacobs Ladder machine.

Cardiovascular Benefits

The Jacobs Ladder X is the ultimate cardio machine for fitness enthusiasts.

It increases heart rate and oxygen consumption, which leads to improved overall cardiovascular health. And at a better rate then most other machines.

This low-impact workout is an effective weight loss tool that engages multiple muscle groups simultaneously.

Regular use of the Jacobs Ladder X can help you achieve your fitness goals faster than traditional cardio machines as it forces you into a state of caloric burn without even realizing it.

The range of different positions available on the machine like the bear crawl, sled drive, and the stair step position, allow for variation in intensity and therefore caloric burn.

What to burn calories like a freight train burns coal? Try out the sled drive position and feel that burn.

You can also dial it back and go as slow as needed with the standard position or stair climbing position too.

Design and Specifications

The Jacobs Ladder X is an impressive machine.

Its unique design features a ladder-like structure that mimics the motion of climbing, making it perfect for athletes looking to improve their cardio and endurance.

The compact size and dimensions make it ideal for home workouts or small gyms, while the durable construction ensures long-term use without any maintenance issues.

One of the standout features of this cardio machine is its customizable workout programs.

Users can choose from different intensity levels and time intervals to create personalized routines that suit their fitness goals.

Whether you're looking to burn calories or build muscle, the Jacobs Ladder X has got you covered with its versatile programming options.

Size and Dimensions

The Jacobs Ladder X is designed for commercial settings, but used quite often residentially as well for its great size.

By all means, the machine is large, but if you can get it in position and comfortably use it, its a game changer.

Measuring 76 inches in height, 31.25 inches in width, and 65.5 inches in depth, this climbing machine provides ample space for use, while maintaining ability to fit through most residential door ways.

It weighs approximately 375 pounds and features transport wheels, so if you need to move it, you can easily tip it over and wheel it to a new spot.


The Jacobs Ladder X is made with high-quality materials that ensure longevity, making it a great investment for fitness enthusiasts.

This cardio machine can withstand intense daily use without breaking down, even when used by athletes or those who enjoy climbing workouts.

Plus, the Jacobs Ladder X comes with a warranty to cover any damages or malfunctions, giving you peace of mind during your workouts.


The Jacobs Ladder X comes with a 2-year full coverage warranty, ensuring that any manufacturing defects or malfunctions are covered.

Additionally, the machine has a 1-year free labor warranty, so any repairs or maintenance required during the first year of use will be covered at no extra cost to you.

With such a comprehensive warranty, you can be confident in your investment and enjoy your workouts without any worries.

Made In America

The Jacobs Ladder X is made in America, and ships full assembly. Just another perk of this already impressive machine.

Pros and Cons


1. Multiple workout positions for ultimate versatility.

2. Ample space for use, while still fitting through most residential doorways.

3. Machine is self powered.

4. Low impact, HIIT and steady state cardio.

5. Made in America and shipped fully assembled.


1. The size of the machine can be a challenge for some to store or move around.

2. The price point is on the high side compared to other cardio machines.

3. Some users may not enjoy wearing the belt required while using the machine.

Final Verdict

The Jacobs Ladder X is undoubtedly one of the most effective cardio machines on the market.

Not only does it provide a full-body cardio workout, but it also for various levels of intensity and workout variation at the same time.

However, its effectiveness comes at a cost - its steep price tag may not be suitable for those on a budget.

In terms of ease of use and convenience, the Jacobs Ladder X is relatively simple to operate and can be adjusted to suit different fitness levels.

However, due to its size and weight, it may not be the best option for those with limited space or mobility issues.

Despite this drawback, if you're looking for an intense yet efficient cardio machine that delivers results and don't mind investing in quality equipment, the Jacobs Ladder X is definitely worth considering.

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