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What Is A Tire Flip Machine? Are They Any Good?

Looking for a challenging and effective way to elevate your workout routine?

Look no further than the tire flip machine!

These unique exercise tools simulate the motion of flipping heavy tires, providing an intense full-body workout that can help build strength, endurance, and power.

What is a tire flip machine?

Tire Flip Machine Image With Half Tire Machine

A tire flip machine is a piece of fitness equipment designed for flipping tires without the need for an actual tire.

It's a functional training tool that helps build strength and power in the body. The machines are accessible to people of all fitness levels, making them ideal for personal and group training sessions.

Tire flip machines offer a fun and engaging way to build strength and power while improving overall physical health.

These machines come with several features such as adjustable weights, sturdy frames, and non-slip handles that ensure proper grip during workouts.

Tire flip machines offer a fun and engaging way to work out while improving overall physical health. They can be used by individuals or purchased by gyms looking to provide clients with new ways to exercise effectively.


Tire flip machine is a piece of fitness equipment designed to test your strength and endurance through tire flipping exercise.

The machine allows you to mimic the action of flipping truck tires, making it an accessible and fun workout for people of all fitness levels.

There are different types of tire flip machines available in the market, including imitation tires, half tire machines, and functional tire trainers.

Manual models require physical exertion while electric models feature automated functions that make flipping easier.

Tire flip machines are built using high-quality materials such as steel frames, rubber tires, and durable coatings.

The robust construction ensures that the machine remains functional for years with minimal maintenance required.

How it works

To use a tire flip machine, users stand in front of the machine with feet shoulder-width apart with a comfortable grip on the tire or imitation tire.

Next, lift the tire up off the ground using your legs and hips, then drive it forward until it flips over.

The initial movement of the tire flip is similar to the deadlift motion, followed by a full extension of the body, and flipping the tire over 180 degrees. 

The tire flip is a two part movement starting the initial lifting of the tire to about waste height, followed by use of the upper body to flip the tire all the way over.

Some tire flip machines allow for adjustable resistance in which case you should use a weight that is challenging while still allowing for proper form and engagement of key muscle groups. 

Tire flipping is not only functional but also fun and accessible to everyone regardless of fitness level.

Incorporating this workout into your routine can increase overall strength and endurance while also providing an enjoyable challenge at any skill level.


Our tire flip machines come in different models with varying size and weight capacity to accommodate your fitness level.

Additionally, we offer additional features such as grips or wheels for portability, making our machines accessible and functional.

We also have different loading pin options available that allow for flipping and fun variations of exercises.


Tire flipping, and tire flip machines having many benefits.

Increase your strength and endurance with a full-body workout using a tire flip machine.

This piece of equipment is ideal for athletic training programs or obstacle course racing preparation, providing functional fitness that is accessible to anyone.

Unlike traditional weightlifting exercises, tire flips have limited impact on joints, making them a safer option for those who want to avoid injuries while having fun flipping tires.

Incorporate this machine into your routine and see the difference it makes in your overall fitness level.

Muscles Worked:

Tire flipping engages multiple muscle groups through the use of nearly the entire body to flip a large tire.

The main muscles targeted are the hamstrings, glutes, quads, and shoulders.

The explosive movement required to flip the tire also engages the core muscles, including the abs and lower back.

Additionally, the grip strength and forearm muscles are activated during the exercise.

Overall, tire flipping is a great way to build functional strength and endurance while targeting multiple muscle groups at once.

Are tire flip machines any good?

Tire flip machines are a popular piece of equipment in functional fitness training.

They offer several benefits such as improving strength, power, and conditioning.

However, they do require some space on your floor as well as an initial upfront cost to purchase one. 

Those who can benefit from using tire flip machines include athletes looking to improve their performance in sports that require explosive movements, individuals wanting to increase their overall strength and conditioning levels, and gym owners looking to offer unique workout options for their clients.

Overall, tire flip machines can be a valuable addition to any fitness routine if used properly.


A tire flip machine is an excellent tool for versatile workout routines that target full-body strength training.

This piece of equipment can cater to all fitness levels and comes with adjustable weights to suit a user's requirements.

Additionally, the tire flip machine can be used both indoors or outdoors, making it suitable for individuals who prefer working out in either environment.


A tire flip machine requires a significant amount of space to use effectively.

It's not the type of equipment that you can easily fit into a small apartment or garage gym.

Additionally, it may not be suitable for those with certain physical limitations or injuries, as it requires explosive movements and full body coordination.

Another potential downside is that tire flip machines are relatively expensive compared to other strength training equipment.

This may make them less accessible for individuals on a budget who are looking to build their home gym setup.

However, if cost isn't an issue and you have the space and physical ability to use one, a tire flip machine can provide an effective way to build strength and power in your upper body, lower body, and core muscles.

Who can benefit from using a tire flip machine?

Athletes looking to improve their overall strength and conditioning can greatly benefit from using a tire flip machine.

This form of exercise targets the entire body, particularly the legs, core and upper body.

Tire flips are fantastic for building explosive power, improving endurance and developing functional strength.

Fitness enthusiasts seeking a challenging, functional workout will also find that tire flip machines offer an intense full-body workout that is both energizing and effective.

By incorporating tire flips into your fitness routine, you'll work multiple muscle groups while achieving cardiovascular benefits at the same time.

Personal trainers and gym owners looking to diversify their equipment offerings should definitely consider investing in a tire flip machine as it's one of the most popular pieces of functional training equipment available today.

With its versatility and effectiveness in targeting multiple muscle groups simultaneously - not to mention its unique appeal - it's sure to be a hit with clients regardless of their fitness goals or experience level.

Models Available

If you're in the market for a tire flip machine, there are several models available to choose from.

One popular option is the Abs Company Tire Flip, which features adjustable weight options and a durable frame construction.

Another choice is the Marpo Kinetics Tire Flip, with its smooth resistance technology and customizable workout programs. Both machines offer effective workouts that target multiple muscle groups.

When selecting a tire flip machine, it's important to consider your fitness goals and budget.

Take into account factors such as size, weight capacity, and ease of use before making your final decision.

Whether you opt for the Abs Company or Marpo Kinetics model (or another brand entirely), incorporating this exercise into your routine can help strengthen your overall fitness level.

Abs Company Tire Flip

The Abs Company Tire Flip Machine

The Abs Company Tireflip 180 is a versatile piece of equipment that allows users to perform full-body tire flipping workouts.

It features an adjustable weight range via the use of 5 and 10 pound weight plates up to a certain maximum weight. 

Additionally, the machine's sturdy construction ensures durability and safety during use.

In terms of functionalities, the Abs Company Tire Flip uses what looks like a real tire to simulate the tire flipping action. 

The machine also provides a cardio element to workouts by incorporating high-intensity interval training (HIIT) through tire flips.

The machine is essentially a half tire with weight loading pegs inside, with a hinge allowing users to flip the tire from one side the other. 

Overall though, this machine is simple and effective tire flipping exercise tool that provides the basics of flipping a tire indoors, and at a fair price point.  

Marpo Kinetics Tire Flip

Marpo Kinetics Tire Flip Machine In Use

The Marpo Kinetics tire flip machine is a unique and innovative piece of fitness equipment that allows users to perform tire-flipping exercises without the need for an actual tire.

The machine's design provides an adjustable resistance, making it suitable for both beginners and advanced athletes.

Compared to other models available on the market, the Marpo Kinetics tire flip stands out with its functional capabilities and extra added use cases.

Users can adjust the weight of their workout using a selectorized weight adjustment, which differs from the weight plate loaded abs company tire flip machine. 

The Marpo tire flip is hands down the most versatile tire flipping and functional training machine you can get.

Considering your budget and space requirements, if you're looking for the best of the best, look towards the Marpo tire flip. 

 What Is a Tire Flip Machine Conclusion

At the end of the day, a tire flip machine is a convenient solution allowing exercises to utilities the benefits of tire flipping in a stationary indoor way. 

You don't need a massive track of space in order to flip a large tire continuously which many people don't have. 

All you need is the machine itself, and room for the half tire to flip along its axis. 

This highly beneficial exercise is used by trainees, athletes, cross fitters, and more, widely across the country. 

Want to speak with an expert about a tire flip machine to see if its right for you? Just call us a 888-995-4450.

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