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The Jacobs Ladder Vs. Jacobs Ladder 2

jacobs ladder vs. jacobs ladder 2

The original Jacobs Ladder climbing machine was brought to the public 20 years ago. The same model still circulates the commercial and residential gym industry today in 2024, which is quite impressive and an indication of the results provided by such a machine.

New and improved Jacobs Ladder machine models offering many of the same jacobs ladder benefits and many more as the company innovates and evolves to meet customer requests and implement feedback.

Today we will compare The Jacobs Ladder and Jacobs Ladder 2. As a bonus, we'll compare the newest addition to the lineup, The Jacobs Ladder X.

Table of Contents:
Jacobs Ladder Comparison: Jacobs Ladder Vs. JL2  Vs. JLX 
Jacobs Ladder Vs. Jacobs Ladder 2:  Similarities
Jacobs Ladder Vs. Jacobs Ladder 2:  Differences
Jacobs Ladder X Similarities 
Jacobs Ladder X Differences 
The Ultimate Jacobs Ladder Cardio Machine Comparison Guide
Which Jacobs Ladder Machine Is Best?
Jacobs Ladder Pros and Cons 
Jacobs Ladder 2 Pros and Cons 
Jacobs Ladder X Pros and Cons 
Wrap Up

Jacobs Ladder Machine Comparison

Let's dive into the details of each of these machines.
How are they similar? How are they different? And which one is best for you or your facility?

Jacobs Ladder Vs. Jacobs Ladder 2:  Similarities

The Jacobs Ladder and the Jacobs Ladder 2 are similar in design and functionality. View the list of similarities below:

  • 40° Ladder Climbing angle
  • 7.5 Feet Ceiling Height Requirement
  • Transport Wheels, Handrails, and Digital Information Display
  • Welded Tubular Steel Frame and ABS/Polyethylene Encasing
  • Made In America and Ships Fully Assembled
  • Free 2-Year Warranty

Both machines have fantastic fit and finish, features and extremities, and an aesthetically pleasing design.

So how are they different?

Jacobs Ladder Vs. Jacobs Ladder 2:  Differences

The Jacobs Ladder 2 was built to be different from the original Jacob's ladder while maintaining the core features and benefits.

Below are some of the most significant differences between the two ladder-climbing machines.

Jacobs Ladder Vs. jacobs ladder 2 dimensions
  • Size and Weight

Jacobs Ladder: 325 lb. weight and a width of 31.25 inches across the ladder climbing surface.

Jacobs Ladder 2: 300 lb. weight and a width of 27.25 inches across the ladder climbing surface. 

Jacobs Ladder 2 is smaller intentionally for residential and commercial gym use. 

The machine fits through any standard home doorway with no issue compared to the much wider original Jacobs ladder.

  • Method of Powering the Machine

The Jacobs Ladder: 100% mechanically user-powered. No power cords.

Jacobs Ladder 2: 110V power requirement to save space inside the machine.

  • Fit and Finish / Materials

The Jacob's Ladder: Beautiful solid maple ladder rungs. 

Jacobs Ladder 2: Solid steel and polyurethane-coated 2-inch ladder rungs

  • Intended User

The Jacobs Ladder: Mostly intended for commercial settings.

Jacobs Ladder 2: Designed for smaller facilities and residential settings.

  • Price  

The Jacobs Ladder in January 2023 costs: $5995

Jacobs Ladder 2 in January 2022 costs: $5295

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Jacob's Ladder X Similarities 


The Jacobs Ladder X is the latest and greatest ladder-climbing machine from Jacobs Ladder. 

It encompasses the same core functionalities listed above but also some added features and benefits from the past 20 years of innovation.

The similarities are as follows:

  • 40-degree angle ladder climbing design
  • Handrails, transport wheels, and digital readout display
  • Free 2-year warranty on parts, one year on labor
  • Built-in America and ships fully assembled.

    Jacobs Ladder X Differences 

    • Size and Weight

    The Jacobs Ladder X: 375 lb. weight and  30.5-inch width across the ladder climbing surface.

    This is heavier than the original Jacob's Ladder and Jacobs ladder 2.

    • Ceiling Height of 8.5 Feet

    The Jacobs Ladder X will require almost a whole foot of extra ceiling space, considering that it is larger.

    • Fit and Finish / Materials

    The Jacobs Ladder X features the same solid maple rungs as the original Jacobs Ladder but is built with laser-cut steel and an ABS plastic casing different from other ladder climbing machines.

    • Features 4 Workout Positions and New / Improved Digital Display

    Probably the most practical difference between the three machines is the newly added exercise positions on the Jacobs Ladder X. 

    There are not only the same rail handles on the side, but there is now a handle for standing stair stepper exercise and a high-intensity sled drive handlebar near the top.

    These variations are provided to add versatility and effectiveness to the machine across many demographics.

    The Ultimate Jacobs Ladder Machine Comparison Guide

    The Jacobs Ladder

    Jacobs Ladder 2

    Jacobs Ladder X


    Jacobs Ladder Machine


    Jacobs Ladder 2


    Jacobs Ladder 2

    Jacobs Ladder X

    Transport Wheels

    Digital Display


    Side Rail Handles

    2 Year Warranty

    Built In the U.S.A

    Ships Fully Assembled

    40 Degree Climbing Angle

    Full Body Activation


    Ceiling Height Requirement

    7.5 ft.

    7.5 ft.

    8.5 ft.

    Machine Height




    Machine Width




    (37.25” with cup holders on)

    Machine Weight

    325 Lbs.

    300 Lbs.

    375 Lbs. 

    Frame Material 

    Welded Tubular Steel

    Welded Tubular Steel

    Laser Cut Steel

    Encasing Material



    ABS Plastic

    Rung Material

    Solid Maple

    2” Steel Tubing +

    Polyurethane Sleeve

    Solid Maple + 

    Acrylic Coating

    Exercise Positions

    Hand Over Hand Climb

    Hand Rail Assistance 

    Hand Over Hand Climb

    Hand Rail Assistance

    Hand Over Hand Climb

    Hand Rail Assistance

    Stair Stepper 

    Uphill Sled Drive 

    Owners Manuals

    User Guide

    User Guide

    User Guide 

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    Which Jacobs Ladder Machine Is The Best?

    So now you know how the Jacobs Ladder machines are similar and different, but this information can be used better if we look at the Pros and Cons.

    So which Jacob's Ladder is the Best? Let's look at the pros and cons of each one. 

    The Original Jacobs Ladder Pros and Cons


    • All the known Advantages of the Jacobs Ladder
    • Wide platform from which to place hands and feet (the width of the machine) 
    • Self-powered, cordless design allows for convenient portability in any gym
    • Side Rails add a level of safety and versatility for exercise. 
    • Ships Fully assembled, so you can put it in place and start using it immediately.


    • Large and bulky machine doesn't fit through most residential doorways
    • Some may call the 20-year-old original design outdated
    • Less exercise versatility compared to the Jacobs Ladder X

    Jacobs Ladder 2 Pros and Cons 


    • Smaller, more compact design for residential settings and smaller facilities
    • Cheapest ladder climber machine from Jacobs Ladder
    • Weighs only 300 Lbs. and has transport wheels for easy portability 


    • Smaller ladder width and climbing space may be a disadvantage for some who prefer a wider surface.
    • Requires a 110V power source and power cord. This is designed to save space in the machine, but most would prefer the self-powered machine.
    • Less exercise variation compared to the Jacobs Ladder X.

    Jacobs Ladder X Pros and Cons


    • Larger climbing surface than Jacobs Ladder 2, but slightly smaller than The Jacobs Ladder. It can still fit through some residential doorways.
    • Newly added workout positions like the stair climber position, sled drive position, hand-over-hand climb, and assisted side rail climb.
    • Self Powered with transport wheels for easy portability
    • Removable cup holders
    • New digital display 
    • All the same benefits of ladder climbing exercise and more!


    • Heaviest ladder machine of the three, at 375 Lbs.
    • Requires ceiling height of 8.5 ft. instead of 7.5 ft. 
    • Most expensive price tag of the three machines at $6999. (P.S. shop with us and get it cheaper).

    So, Which machine is the best? Well, that depends. 

    The best Ladder climbing machine, with price aside, is the Jacobs Ladder X for its ideal ladder width, improved exercise versatility, and cordless, self-powered design and transport wheels for easy portability.

    The Jacobs Ladder 2, though, for some that need a ladder climbing machine for their home or tight facility, will be most optimal for its compact size and weight while maintaining the benefits of ladder climbing exercise.

    If you want a larger machine but can't cough up the extra money for the Jacobs Ladder X, the time-tested Jacobs Ladder is perfect for you.

    Jacobs Ladder Machine Comparison Overview

    Overall, each Jacobs Ladder machine packages up the best qualities and benefits of ladder climbing machines and Taylors towards a specific demographic/user's needs.

    The Jacobs Ladder is a middle ground in price and convenience of use in multiple planes to the Jacobs Ladder 2 and Jacobs Ladder X. 

    Jacobs Ladder X is the high-end, best possible design and features, and of course, the most expensive.

    The Jacobs Ladder 2 is perfect for a more conservative, compact machine for ladder climbing exercises. 

    Whichever one you think is best, we can help you get it with a massive discount as we promised.

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