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Need Help Creating An Order? Speak To A Select Sales Rep Today!

Body Solid G9S Vs EXM3000LPS Home Gym Comparison

Choosing the right home gym can be a challenging task, especially when your top two options appear to do the exact same thing.

This the exact question we get about some of two most popular options, the Body Solid G9S and EXM3000LPS gym systems.

Both systems offer a wide range of exercise options and are known for their excellent quality and durability.

The Body Solid G9S, a part of the G Series Home Gym, is designed to be a premiere, upgraded system with a sleek black and grey appearance that resembles high-end fitness club equipment.

In contrast, the EXM3000LPS sports a clean, all white paint job, with the same workout functionality and similar top-notch functionality.

So what exactly is the difference then? and which one should you consider putting your hard earned dollars into? Read on and find out!

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Overview of Body Solid G9S

Overview of Body Solid EXM3000LPS

Body Solid G9S Vs EXM3000LPS Similarities

Body Solid G9S Vs EXM3000LPS Differences

Final Verdict: Buy The G9S or The EXM3000LPS?

Overview of Body Solid G9S

Starting with the Body Solid G9S, a comprehensive home gym system designed for those looking to get a complete workout experience without the need for a gym membership.

With its multi-station setup and numerous exercise options, it caters to users who wish to perform various exercises targeting different muscle groups, all within the comfort of their own homes.

Body Solid G9S Home Gym Select Fitness USA Customer Photo

Key Features of The G9S

The G9S offers a wide range of features designed to provide a complete workout experience. Some of its key features include:

  • 7+ workout stations that allow users to target legs, chest, back, arms, and abs.
  • Two independent 210 lb. weight stacks that can be upgraded to 260 lbs. 
  • Gas-assisted adjustable seats to ensure comfort and correct body positioning during workouts.
  • DuraFirm™ pads and upholstery for durability and comfort.
  • 2,200 lb. test strength cables and fiberglass reinforced nylon pulleys for added durability and smooth movement.
  • A variety of cable attachments and accessories such as lat pulldown bars, tricep straps, and ankle cuffs, which are included with the purchase.

Design and Build Quality

The Body Solid G9S prides itself on its heavy-duty construction and premium design. The following aspects contribute to its high-quality build:

  • 11-gauge steel construction ensures a sturdy, long-lasting frame.
  • Electrostatic powder coat finish provides resistance to corrosion and gives the gym a sleek appearance.
  • Full function seated leg press with dual 2:1 weight ratio provides up to 520 lbs. of resistance for advanced leg workouts.
  • A lifetime in-home warranty covering all parts and components ensures that the G9S will deliver consistent, reliable performance over time.

By incorporating premium materials, adjustable components, and a range of workout stations, the Body Solid G9S offers users a comprehensive, user-friendly solution for home fitness.

Overview of Body Solid EXM3000LPS

The Body Solid EXM3000LPS Home Gym is also a comprehensive workout system designed to accommodate various fitness levels and workout goals. It is an ideal investment for those seeking an all-in-one strength training solution.

With dual 210 lb. weight stacks and seven distinct workout stations, the EXM3000LPS provides a range of exercises to target different muscle groups, from head to toe. 

Body Solid EXM3000LPS Home Gym Male User

Key Features of EXM3000LPS

Some of the standout features of the EXM3000LPS include:

  • 7 Distinct Workout Stations: Features seven versatile stations for full-body training, including multi-press, lat pulldown, leg extension/curl, chest/rear delt fly, ab crunch, seated row, and leg/calf press, catering to all major muscle groups.
  • Powered by Dual 210 lb. Weight Stacks: Features state-of-the-art nylon bushings for smooth, quiet operation.
  • DuraFirm™ Pads: Durable, tear-resistant, and guaranteed to last without wearing out.
  • Included Weight Stack Shrouds: Enhance safety and the equipment's appearance.
  • Comes with Accessories: Includes a Lat Bar, Low Row Bar, Utility Strap, Workout Poster, and Workout DVD.
  • User Capacity: 2
  • Dimensions: 83"H x 91"L x 73"W
  • Key Features: High and low pulley systems, leg extension and curl, ab crunch station, and more.
  • Additional Options: Perfect Pec station, optional dip station.

Design and Build Quality

The EXM3000LPS Home Gym is designed with high-quality materials, ensuring its durability and longevity. The dual 210 lb. weight stacks feature state-of-the-art nylon bushings for smooth and quiet operation.

Additionally, the gym's DuraFirm™ Pads are made from top-grade, double-stitched, tear-resistant material for a lifetime of support and comfort.

Aesthetic elements of the EXM3000LPS include two full-length, solid steel shrouds that entirely encase each weight stack, enhancing the visual appeal and improving safety.

Body Solid G9S Vs EXM3000LPS Similarities

Body Solid G9S, Right, EXM3000LPS, Left, White Background

The two gym systems are extremely close in features in functionality. Here are all the things you get with either gym, good, bad, and everywhere in between. 

7 Workout Stations

  • Multi-Press Station: This three-in-one station offers fully adjustable pads for users of all sizes and a full range of motion exercises, ensuring maximum concentration on chest, back, and shoulder muscles.

  • Leg Extension/Leg Curl Station: A cam-driven leg developer helps work your quads and hamstrings while maintaining precise biomechanical form.

  • Chest/Rear Delt Fly Station: This dual overhead cam station with six adjustable settings each ensures the maximum development of pectoral and rear deltoid muscles through fly exercises.

  • Lat Pulldown/High Pulley Station: Ideal for back, shoulder, and triceps muscles, this station features unique, easy-access hold-down rollers that fit all users without any need for adjustments.

  • Ab Crunch/Mid Pulley Station: Designed for total abdominal and oblique muscle isolation, this station also provides comfort during triceps extension movements.

  • Seated Row/Low Pulley Station: This essential back day training station offers exercises for middle back depth and hard-to-reach lower lats. Low pulleys provide additional exercise options, such as cable curls, upright rows, shrugs, leg abduction, and adduction.

  • Leg Press/Calf Press Station: This unique two-bar linkage aligns with the user's body for proper biomechanics, eliminating ankle torsion and ensuring smooth, friction-free movement throughout the full range of motion. The 2:1 ratio converts the 210 lb. weight stack into 420 lbs. of resistance for complete leg and calf development.

Two 210lb Default Weight Stacks

When it comes to resistance, both models come equipped with two 210 lb weight stacks, totaling 420 lbs of resistance. This offers users plenty of options for various resistance levels and exercise intensity, catering to different fitness levels and goals.

Body Solid DuraFirm Pads and Upholstery

The G9S and EXM3000LPS share the same quality in their padding and upholstery. Both have the Body Solid DuraFirm Pads, which ensure maximum comfort and support during workouts, and the double-stitched upholstery adds to the durability of the home gyms, ensuring longevity even with regular use.

Accessories and Cable Attachments

Both home gyms come with a similar set of cable attachments and accessories, such as a lat bar, low row bar, ankle strap, and a short strap. These attachments allow users to perform various exercises and target different muscle groups effectively.

Performance, Versatility, and Durability

The performance, versatility, and durability of the Body Solid G9S and EXM3000LPS are both highly praised. Both models offer a wide range of exercise options, catering to various fitness levels and workout goals. The steel frame construction ensures stability and durability, allowing for long-lasting use.

Ease of Use and Convenience

The G9S and EXM3000LPS are both user-friendly and convenient. They are designed to provide users with smooth and seamless transitions between exercises, minimizing downtime and enhancing the overall workout experience.

Body Solid Warranty Coverage and Service

When it comes to warranty coverage and service, both models are backed by Body Solid's comprehensive warranty. This includes a lifetime warranty on the frame and welds, a lifetime warranty on the parts and hardware, and a 2-year warranty on the upholstery and pads. This demonstrates the company's confidence in the quality and durability of their home gyms.

Body Solid G9S Vs EXM3000LPS Differences

Body Solid G9S and EXM3000lps different attachments

Look and Feel

Both the Body Solid G9S and EXM3000LPS home gyms offer excellent quality and durability while catering to various fitness levels and workout goals.

However, the G9S has a more visually appealing design compared to the EXM3000LPS. The G9S, being part of the G Series Home Gym, is created to be more visually attractive and aesthetically pleasing in your space.

Add-Ons, Attachments, and Accessories

While the baseline capacity and function for these two home gyms are similar, the G9S is an updated version of the 3000LPS.

Both gyms allow for a wide range of exercise options, but the G9S comes with several extra optional upgrades, including options the EXM3000LPS does have.

Some of the add-ons include a 50 lb weight stack upgrade making each one 260lbs, an inner and outer thigh station, and aluminum pulleys!

Space and Size Considerations

These two multi-stack gym systems are nearly identical in size, but differ slightly.

The G9S floor space required is: 90"L x 73"W x 84"H

The EXM3000LPS floor space required is: 89"L x 72"W x 84"H

Also note, that if you chose to add the Inner and Outer thigh station to the G9S, you will require more space to call for that increase dimension.

Assembly and User Manual

The assembly process for any body solid home gym including the G9S and EXM3000LPS can be time-consuming, so you may need to allocate a significant amount of time and possibly assistance from another person to ensure a proper setup.

While doable, the EXM3000LPS has an assembly manually that is notoriously poor compared to the G9S. 

A piece of feedback not taken lightly, Body Solid has made the new version, the G9S, a more step by step in the instructional manual vs. a blown up version of the completed process leaving users to fill in gaps of information. 

Thousands of people have successfully assembled both machines, so this is not a do or die factor, but something to consider when ordering.

Price Comparison and Value

In terms of cost, the newer of the two, Body Solid's G9S, comes with a slightly higher price tag of $4,995 with its enhanced features, add-ons, and more visually appealing design.

While the EXM3000LPS, coming in at $4,395, may be more budget-friendly with mostly the same features, durability, and warranty. 

If $600 is a large difference for you, this may make the decision for you. 

Final Verdict: Buy The G9S or The EXM3000LPS?

Who Should Buy The Body Solid G9S:

The Body Solid G9S is a more premium, upgradable system, offering a more appealing black and grey appearance suitable any home or light commercial facility looking to replace a full gyms worth of equipment with one machine.

Who Should Buy The Body Solid EXM3000LPs:

The Body Solid EXM3000LPS is a slightly more affordable option with a different look to it. If you like the all white look, here is your winner. The machine offers the exact same workout stations, default weight stacks, included accessories, warranty, and nearly the same floor space. 

With 7 workout stations, this home gym system is ideal for those looking to replicate the entire gym experience in a compact space.

TLDR (Too Long, Didn't Read) Of This Comparison:

Considering the Body Solid G9S and EXM3000LPS have the exact same workout stations, your decision comes down to the price, the look of the two machines, and how important the 50lb weight stack upgrade, aluminum pulley upgrade, and inner outer thigh attachment is to you, as they are only available the G9S and not the EXM3000LPS.

Ready to buy either of these two machines? Give us call right now at 888-995-4450 or email and start your order!

Frequently Asked Questions

What's the difference between the G9S and EXM3000LPS?

The difference of the Body Solid G9S and EXM3000LPS is based on their appearance, the optional 50lb weight stack upgrade, aluminum pulley upgrade kit and inner/outer thigh attachment exclusive to the G9S.

Is the G9S much larger than the EXM3000LPS home gym?

Although minimal differences in the dimensions of the two models, should you choose to go with the Body Solid G9S and add the optional inner and outer thigh station, this will require more space than the EXM3000LPs. 

Is the G9S or EXM3000LPS better value for the price?

The EXM3000LPS is known to be a slightly better value for the price of $4,395. You get all the same core features as the G9S home gym, but save $600. You will only lose the ability to upgrade your weight stacks, and expand your gym with more accessories. 

Can you upgrade the weight stack on the EXM3000LPS like the G9S?

While the G9S allows for weight stack upgrades, this is not a feature that is available for the EXM3000LPS.

Are the Warranties The Same On The G9S and The EXM3000LPS?

Both the G9S and the EXM3000LPS models are manufactured by Body-Solid, a company known for providing excellent warranties on its products.

The G9S and the EXM3000LPS each come with shockingly good warranties covering everything bumper to bumper for a lifetime in home, and also for a lesser time coverage in any light commercial facility. 

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