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  • Original price $3,995.00 - Original price $3,995.00
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    $3,995.00 - $3,995.00
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    Stroops Opticurve Motorless Curved Treadmill

    Stroops Opticurve Motorless Curved Treadmill Self-Propelled Motorless treadmill with curved surface for optimal stride path. From distance runners ...

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  • Original price $3,995.00 - Original price $4,295.00
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    $3,995.00 - $4,295.00
    $3,995.00 - $4,295.00
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    Stroops Optimill Flat Motorless Treadmill

    Stroops Optimill Flat Motorless Treadmill A Self-Propelled motorless treadmill with a flat surface to replicate road running indoors. The first fla...

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Stroops Logo and Flat Treadmill

Stroops is a leading fitness brand that provides innovative, high-quality exercise products.

With a focus on functional training, Stroops' products are perfect for athletes, fitness enthusiasts, and anyone looking to increase their overall strength, endurance, and agility.

At the core of the Stroops brand is the Slastix resistance band system, which provides a unique, versatile workout experience.

Unlike traditional resistance bands, the Slastix system is designed to mimic the resistance of free weights, allowing you to perform a wide range of exercises with a single piece of equipment.

Stroops Treadmill

In addition to the Slastix system, Stroops produces a curved manual treadmill and a one-of-a-kind flat, motorless treadmill.

A flat motorless treadmill is seen nowhere else in the entire industry. They made it possible by including their already-used slastix anchor to give the person something to walk against. If you think about it, a curved manual treadmill only works because of the curve that allows gravity and the user's weight to drive the belt.

A flat motorless treadmill, up until now, was not possible. However, thanks to the Stroops anchors, the user now has something to push against to drive the treadmill's belt.

Otherwise, they would walk themselves off the machine because of the lack of the curve. Shop Stroops groundbreaking treadmills and functional training accessories and level up your facility today!