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Need Help Placing An Order? Contact Us Today!

ProClubline By Body Solid

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Body Solid Pro Clubline is designed for commercial facilities of all types and serious home gym owners. Pro Clubline is specifically designed to take hours of use every day and maintain its quality long term.

With the premium designs and build, Body Solid Pro Clubline has some of the most solid, durable, well built equipment in the entire Body Solid gym equipment line up. 

Pro Clubline has something to meet the needs of anyone from selectorized and plate loaded weight machines, functional trainers, cable crossovers, squat racks, benches, and more!

Pro-Clubline Plate Loaded Leverage Weight Machines

Body Solid's Pro Clubline has a large range of equipment. Inside of that, they offer a line of plate loaded, leverage weight machines that aim to offer a muscle isolation experience on a weight machine commonly found in gyms and fitness facilities. 

Plate loaded weight machines provide a safe, ultra-specific, muscle overloading experience. Whichever machine you intend to use targets one area of the body extremally well without risk of injury or involvement of other muscle groups from compound movements. 

Each Pro Clubline plate loaded machine is built high strength 11 gauge steels, coating in a protective powder coating, and brought together with smooth bearings and hardware for the ultimate machine, built to last. 

Pro Clubline Selectorized Weight Machines

Like the plate loaded leverage machines, the selectorized cable weight machines from Pro Clubline aim to provide a safe and effective muscle isolation exercise. 

With the selectorized machines from Pro Clubline, you can set up a full rotation of muscle isolation machines to target in total, the entire body just like the leverage plate loaded machines. 

Pro Clubline Cable Crossovers and Functional Trainers

The Pro Clubline cable crossover and functional trainer machines are of the highest quality out there in the fitness equipment industry. 

Comparable to equipment in the highest echelons of the market, these machines have heavy weight stacks, durable steels and powder coatings, nylon pulleys, high rating cables, and tons of adjustability. 

Any of the cable crossover or functional trainers from the Pro Clubline will satisfy your cable machine needs no matter what setting you place them in. 

Pro Clubline Squat Racks, Smith Machines

Commercial grade squat racks and smith machines are important for a business facility or serious home gym user. 

A rack or smith that gets use for multiple hours a day, every day, must be built to last, and the Pro Clubline equipment is just that. 

The SPR1000 power rack and the SCB1000 smith machine are the shining stars in this department for they attractive design, durable build, and effective load capacities. 

Pro Clubline Benches, Accessories, and More....

To fill in all the gaps from plate and weight stack loaded weight machines, cable machines, squat racks  and smith machines, Pro Clubline has all the commercial rated benches and accessories for the best equipment experience. 

Pro Clubline benches have the highest load capacities of the whole brand, with the best upholsteries and durability. 

From Olympic racks, GDH benches, adjustable weight benches, and more, Pro Clubline has everything you might need for a commercial facility or serious home gym build. 

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