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Marpo Kinetics

  • Original price $2,195.00 - Original price $2,574.00
    Original price
    $2,195.00 - $2,574.00
    $2,195.00 - $2,574.00
    Current Price $2,195.00

    Marpo X8 Mountable Rope Trainer

    X8 Mountable Rope Trainer by Marpo Kinetics This compact yet powerful device is perfect for enhancing your strength, endurance, and flexibility th...

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  • Original price $4,295.00 - Original price $4,295.00
    Original price
    $4,295.00 - $4,295.00
    Current Price $4,295.00

    Marpo VLT Compact Rope Trainer Machine

    The Marpo Kinetics VLT Compact Rope Trainer Its space-efficient design and quick-release seat enable powerful lower-body and wheelchair-accessible ...

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  • Original price $5,595.00 - Original price $5,995.00
    Original price
    $5,595.00 - $5,995.00
    $5,595.00 - $5,995.00
    Current Price $5,595.00

    Marpo VMX Rope Trainer Multi-Mode

    The VMX Rope Trainer Multi-Mode by Marpo Transform your workout with its multi-mode adjustability, enabling vertical, diagonal, horizontal, and rev...

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  • Original price $11,295.00 - Original price $11,295.00
    Original price
    $11,295.00 - $11,295.00
    Current Price $11,295.00

    Marpo Kinetics VMX Multi-Mode Dual Rope Trainer

    VMX Multi-Mode Rope Trainer - Marpo Kinetics Discover the VMX Multi-Mode Rope Trainer: a versatile, multi-functional system with adjustable resist...

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Marpo Kinetics BRand Logo With white background

Since the early 2000s, Marpo Kinetics has been a respected name in rope pull exercise machine market with user-controlled resistance methods, high quality commercial quality construction, and more!

With their robust construction and user-focused design, the real question becomes not if to choose a Marpo machine, but which one to pick

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Marpo VMX Rope Trainer

Marpo VMX Rope Trainer

The Marpo VMX rope trainer an overbuilt commercial grade machine, offering the most possible rope pulling exercise options from top to bottom with adjustable resistance. 

  • Heavy-duty, commercial-grade rope trainer
  • Dynamic Magnetic resistance system
  • Vertical, diagonal, and horizontal rope pulls
  • Optional bench for added versatility 
  • Unique, eye-catching addition to any gym facility
  • From $5,595 - Our Discount

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Marpo VLT Rope Trainer

Marpo VLT Rope Trainer

The Marpo VLT rope trainer is the most popular choice among all customers, featured highly in our guide to the best rope pull machine

  • Designed for space-limited facilities
  • Transportable yet versatile rope training
  • Dynamic Magnetic resistance system
  • Removable seat for added convenience 
  • Like the VMX, but more compact and cost-effective.
  • From $4,295 - Our Discount

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Marpo X8 Rope Trainer

Marpo X8 Rope Trainer

The Marpo X8 rope trainer is the best for saving space and money, while still capitalizing on all the rope pull exercise benefits.

  • Cost-effective, and feature-packed
  • Attaches to many sturdy structures or walls
  • Compact in size yet highly versatile
  • Dynamic Magnetic resistance system
  • Optional Add-on pulleys for more variation
  • Great for homes, group training, or commercial
  • From $2,195 - Our Discount

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Marpo Tire Flip Machine

Marpo Tire Flip

The Marpo tire flip is a great addition to the Marpo Kinetics lineup.

This machine takes the classic exercise, tire flipping, and turns it into a modern functional training tool.

No Longer are the days of flipping tires outside with an old smelly tracker tire.

The Marpo tire flip features much of the same technology as their rope pull machines, including the Dynamic Magnetic Braking System.

There are nearly endless amounts of variation and exercise potential with a machine like this.

From individual tire flipping with various resistances, to tire flip bench pressing and glute kickbacks. Its way more than just a tire flip machine.

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Marpo Kinetics FAQs

Is There a Warranty?


Marpo rope machines have a lift time warranty covering the structural frame of the device, one year for labor, and 90 days for upholstery stitching, cables, and belts.

What Maintenance Must I do for My Marpo Machine?

To properly keep your Marpo rope machine, please read the product manual on the corresponding product page and execute the maintenance procedures.

Generally, it is best practice to clean the machine regularly and check the cables, belts, rope, and frame for any looseness, wear and tear, or damage.