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Need Help Placing An Order? Contact Us Today!

Inner Outer Thigh Machines

Glute, hip, and Thigh machines are essential for targeting the commonly left-out support muscles in your lower body.

The glutes, hips, and inner/outer thighs play a major role in supporting the popular lower body muscles like the quads and hamstrings.

The glutes act as a significant stabilization and upright posture maintainer. While walking, running, or lifting weights, the glutes support the lower back and legs and must not be left out.

The hip adductor and abductor muscles are responsible for supporting the hips and rotating the legs in and out, which is vital also for simple things like walking and compound movements like squats.

If you're looking for hip thrust, glute kickback, multi-hip, or inner and outer thigh abduction/adduction machines, you're in the right place!

Whether you're buying for seasoned weight lifters at a commercial gym or looking for home gym equipment, we offer a range of glute, hip, and thigh machines, each designed with a different target user and setting.

Types of Glute, Hip, and Thigh Machines:

Hip Thrust Machine

A hip thrust machine is a great way to target and safely overload your glutes with weight training. Growing and strengthening your glutes is increasing in popularity, and for good reason. The glute bridge, hip thrust, and glute extension movement is powered by strong glutes and provide many benefits in and out of the gym. 

Inner and Outer Thigh Machine

The hip abductor and adductor machine is a commonly forgotten leg day exercise. The machine where you apply resistance to the opening and closing of your legs trains the inner and outer thigh/hip muscles, hence the name "Inner and Outer Thigh machine."

Glute Kickback Machine

The glute kickback, donkey kick, rear glute drive, or glute push machine is another way to target the glutes. The glutes are a large and complex muscle, so it is helpful to train them from multiple angles and ranges of motion. Unlike the hip thrust or glute bridge machine, a glute kickback machine focuses on the extension of the leg using the glutes. 

Multi-Hip Machines

The Multi-hip machine is a unique and versatile functional training-style leg machine. It can train the glutes, hips, and inner/outer thigh using a rotating pivot point. This allows for easy change of range of motion to target multiple areas. 

Our collection features a range of machines from brands, including Body Solid, TKO Strength, Bodykore, and more!

Investing in a good  glute, hip, and or thigh machine is great for helping you or your members get excited for leg day!

Got questions? Please contact us and speak with a fitness equipment expert who would be happy to help you.

Glute, Hip, and Thigh Machines