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Body Solid Vs. Titan Fitness | Manufacturer Overview and Comparison

Body Solid Vs. Titan Fitness Featured Image

When it comes to building a home gym or upgrading a commercial fitness facility, the gym equipment you choose has a significant impact on the overall experience.

Two popular companies in the fitness equipment industry are Body Solid and Titan Fitness.

Both companies offer an extensive range of products, but there are key differences between them that can influence your decision when investing in gym equipment.

Body Solid is known for making quality home gym equipment and commercial machines. They offer a wide range of products, including gym systems, free weights, cardio machines, and accessories. Their products focus on durability and are designed to last for years.

Titan Fitness is another popular option, producing medium-level quality equipment at more affordable prices.

To help you make an informed decision, this article will provide an in-depth comparison of these two companies, focusing on product offerings, target customers, warranties, customer service, and purchasing options.

Additionally, we will examine some head-to-head comparisons of similar products from both manufacturers.

Company Profiles


Body Solid Logo Image

Body Solid was established in 1989 near Chicago Illinois, in a small 10,000 square foot warehouse. Since then they have been expanding their equipment lineup, warehousing, dealer network, and constantly innovating

Their vast equipment lineup caters to both home and commercial verticals, featuring all-in-one gym systems, free weights, many machines, cardio equipment, and accessories.

They are dedicated to providing innovative products and outstanding customer service through their nationwide network of dealers.


Titan Fitness Logo Image

Titan Fitness is another leading brand in the gym equipment industry, with a strong focus on producing high-quality and affordable products.

They have a wide selection of power racks, weight benches, barbells, dumbbells, and various accessories for enthusiasts looking to build a well-rounded home gym or commercial gym owners seeking budget-friendly solutions.

Titan Fitness is committed to provided ultimate customer service, a great select of equipment, at great prices, offer fitness enthusiasts nationwide high quality products. 

Product Offerings

When deciding on gym equipment for your home or commercial fitness facility, it is crucial to compare the product offerings from different manufacturers.

In this section, we will delve into the product offerings from Body-Solid and Titan Fitness, two reputable gym equipment companies, to help you make an informed decision.


Body-Solid caters to both home and commercial gym users with a wide range of fitness equipment.

Their extensive product lineup includes strength and cardio equipment such as:

  • Home gym / multi-station gyms
  • Power racks and smith machines
  • Functional trainers and cable crossovers
  • Selectorized / plate loaded weight stations
  • Benches and bench presses
  • Weight plates and bars
  • Storage systems
  • All types of accessories

Body Solid has multiple sub brand lines of equipment, catering to many demographics effectively provided machine options at different levels of price, build quality, and warranties. 

Each one acts as its own individual brand, prioritizing the target customer of each one. 

Body Solid Powerline, Best Fitness by Body Solid, ProClubline by Body Solid, Endurance cardio, are examples of the different sub brands under the Body Solid conglomerate. 


Titan Fitness primarily focuses on medium-level quality equipment at a lower price point, targeting budget-conscious home gym users. Their product offerings include:

  • Power racks and squat stands
  • Plate-loaded machines
  • Weight benches and similar accessories
  • A great functional trainer machine
  • Strongman and conditioning equipment
  • Dumbbells, kettlebells, and storage solutions
  • Storage equipment 

Although Titan may not have as extensive a product line as Body-Solid, they still provide a solid selection for individuals looking to set up a budget-friendly home gym.

From power racks, to free weights, to weight benches, to weight machines, they cater to a more specific audience providing a simple, and straight forward shopping experience online. 

Target Customers

When considering gym equipment, it's essential to understand the target customers of both Body-Solid and Titan, as their product offerings cater to some different segments of the fitness market.

By comparing their focus, you can make an informed decision based on your specific needs and requirements.


Body-Solid primarily targets customers seeking high-quality, durable gym equipment for their home or commercial verticals across all their sub brands.

Their product range in the current market is about 500 products deep, with some of the similar product type, built to please difference segments in the market such as beginners, home gym users, light commercial facilities, and even some fully commercially rated equipment.

Some key characteristics of Body-Solid's target customers are:

  • Home gym enthusiasts who want reliable equipment for long-term use
  • Commercial facility owners who need durable and low-maintenance products
  • Beginner to advanced fitness levels, offering equipment for various goals and routines
  • Customers willing to invest in premium equipment for enhanced performance and longevity


On the other hand, Titan focuses on offering affordable gym equipment without compromising on essential quality features.

Their target customers include individuals seeking the best value for their money and those on a tight budget.

As a result, Titan's product offerings cater to:

  • Home gym owners looking for cost-effective equipment solutions
  • Light commercial facilities with limited budgets, but still requiring high functionality
  • Beginner to intermediate fitness levels, often prioritizing fundamental equipment
  • Customers who value cost savings and are willing to accept potential trade-offs in luxurious features

In summary, Body-Solid and Titan cater to different segments within the fitness equipment market, and understanding these target customers will assist you in choosing the right brand for your specific needs and requirements.

Head-to-Head Comparisons

In this section, we will compare some popular gym equipment products from both Body Solid and Titan Fitness. We'll look into the power racks, functional trainers, and vertical leg press machines offered by the two companies.

Body Solid GPR400 Vs. Titan X-3 Power Rack

Body Solid GPR400 Vs. Titan X-3 Power Rack

Both the Body Solid GPR400 and Titan X-3 Flat Foot Power Rack are designed for professional and home gyms, offering stability and versatility. Let's compare the two:

  • Construction: GPR400 is made with 11-gauge steel; X-3 also features 11-gauge steel construction.
  • Weight Capacity: GPR400 has a 1000 lbs weight capacity; X-3 is listed with a 1500 lbs. limit.
  • Dimensions:  the Body Solid GPR400 comes in at 52.6”L x 52”W x 79.1”H, and the Titan Fitness X-3 short version comes in at 50" x 48" x 82". 
  • Attachments: GPR400 offers various attachments like lat pulldown, weight horns, and more; X-3 offers similar attachments and compatibility with other Titan equipment.
  • Price: GPR400 is priced slightly higher than the X-3 Power Rack.

Overall, the two racks are very comparable. The GPR400 and the X-3 power rack both offer durable build quality, high weight capacity, bonus accessories, and affordable price points.

Body Solid GFT100 Vs. Titan Fitness Functional Trainer

Body Solid GFT100 Vs. Titan Fitness Functional Trainer

Functional trainers are popular in many verticals in the fitness community as well.

We'll compare the Body Solid GFT100 with the Titan Fitness Functional Trainer:

  • Construction: GFT100 is built with heavy-gauge steel; Titan Functional Trainer also features robust steel construction.
  • Weight Stack: GFT100 comes with two 160 lbs. weight stacks upgradeable to 310; Titan Functional Trainer includes two 200 lbs. weight stacks.
  • Pulley Ratio: Both functional trainers are a 2:1 ratio mean 100 lbs. on the weight stack really feels like 50 lbs. of active resistance. 
  • Adjustability: Both trainers have adjustable pulleys and a range of available accessories.
  • Included Accessories: Body Solid GFT100 includes 2 aluminum grip stirrup handles, a tricep rope, chin and dip belt, and double swivel bar. The Titan Fitness Includes a short and long bar, ankle strap, dual stirrup handles, rope handles, and single and double D-handles
  • Pull Up Bar: The Body Solid GFT100 features a knurled bar extending from end to end and the Titan Fitness trainer features a gripped handle bar attachment.
  • Aesthetics:  The Body Solid GTF100 is an all black, minimally designed, with a sleek and simply design. The Titan Fitness trainer is also quite minimal with bit more design to it for a please but simple look.
  • Price: The Body Solid GFT100 starts at $1995, while the Titan Fitness functional trainer starts at $2599.

    In conclusion, both Body Solid and Titan Fitness offer high-quality gym equipment, but the choice ultimately depends on specific preferences, budget, and workout requirements.


    Warranties are essential when investing in gym equipment, as they provide assurance in product quality and customer support.

    Both Body-Solid and Titan offer warranties for their products, although they differ in coverage and duration. Let's explore the warranties provided by each company.


    Body-Solid is known for its extensive warranty coverage, which showcases the company's commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. Their warranty program includes:

    • In-home Lifetime Warranty for home gyms, free-weight machines, weight stack machines, and benches
    • Lifetime Warranty on the frame and welds for most products
    • 3 Years on pulleys, bushings, bearings, and hardware for most products
    • 2 Years on cables, upholstery, and grips on most products

    This comprehensive warranty is applicable to the original owner when equipment is used for home use.

    For commercial settings, Body-Solid offers different warranty terms, providing confidence to businesses in the fitness industry.

    Also note, the warranty for each sub brand of Body Solid varies. Do not use this information as the sole source of your purchase decision. Each product will have the warranty information clearly labeled on its specific page. 


    Titan Fitness, on the other hand, has a more straightforward warranty system:

    • 1 Year Warranty on all items, covering defects in materials and workmanship

    While Titan's warranty coverage is less extensive than Body-Solid's, it demonstrates a level of reliability in their products. It is essential for customers to understand the warranty terms before purchase and reach out to the respective customer service departments for further clarification, if necessary.

    Customer Service

    When choosing gym equipment, it's important to consider the customer service experience offered by the companies. In this section, we will be comparing the customer service provided by Body-Solid and Titan Fitness to help you make an informed decision.


    Body-Solid is known for its attention to customer satisfaction. They provide a dedicated support team to address any questions or concerns regarding their products, whether that be through their own dedicated product team, or from their wide network of specialized dealers like us!

    Some key points of their customer service include:

    • Phone and Email Support: Customers can contact Body-Solid via phone or email for any questions or issues they may have.
    • Product Support Materials: Body-Solid offers product manuals, troubleshooting guides, and assembly instructions on their website.
    • Dealer Network: Body-Solid has an extensive dealer network, making it easy for customers to find local retailers and support for their products.


    Titan Fitness also focuses on providing a quality customer service experience to their customers. Their support team is available to assist with any queries, and their website offers various resources to help users get the most out of their equipment. Key points of Titan Fitness customer service are:

    • Phone, Email, and Live Chat Support: Titan customers can reach out through various channels, including phone, email, and live chat on their website.
    • Knowledge Base: Titan offers a comprehensive knowledge base with articles and guides to help customers troubleshoot common issues, assemble their equipment, and use their products effectively.
    • Social Media Channels: In addition to traditional support channels, Titan is active on various social media platforms, allowing customers to reach out for assistance or engage with the company online.

    Both Body-Solid and Titan Fitness are committed to providing a strong support system for their customers, with multiple channels available for communication and helpful resources on their respective websites. This assistance ensures that gym equipment users have a positive experience and can derive maximum value from their purchases.

    Purchasing Options


    Body-Solid offers a wide range of home and commercial fitness equipment, making it easy to find the perfect piece for your workout space.

    The purchasing process is straightforward as you can buy directly from our website, or through any other authorized dealer.


    Purchasing options for Titan Fitness equipment are limited to there own website online. They have a very limited number of dealers that may carry their equipment, so do your research and buy directly from their website.

    Body Solid Vs. Titan Fitness Conclusion

    To sum it all up, Body Solid and Titan Fitness are two heavy hitting fitness equipment manufacturers producing a wide range of equipment. 

    Body Solid's vast catalog of equipment including and not limited to home gym machines, functional trainers, cable crossovers, weight machines, benches, racks, smith machines, free weights, storage systems, and other accessories, aims to serve nearly any vertical of fitness. With their sub brands meeting specific needs in multi different markets, they are all around a great supplier of any type of fitness equipment. 

    Titan Fitness creates budget friendly, home gym equipment that provides a base level of performance that would great for any individual user. 

    Overall, if you're looking for a wide range of products to shop, all at a competitive price, check out Body Solid. If you're looking for inexpensive home gym equipment to set yourself with all the basics, check out Titan Fitness

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