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Need Help Placing An Order? Contact Us Today!
Need Help Placing An Order? Contact Us Today!

Bells Of Steel Adjustable Kettlebell

How space does 8+ kettlebells take up at your home gym? Well this one product will remove all but one, while sacrificing 0 weight adjustability.

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$199.00 - $539.00
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Bells Of Steel Competition Style Adjustable Kettlebell

Save money and space with the limited-edition Wildman Adjustable Kettlebell! Ranges from 12kg-20.5kg, in as little as 0.5kg increments. Add the expansion pack to have a 12-32kg weight range.

FEATURES • 35mm handle • 11″ height • 12-32kg range • Competition-styled • Steel shell • Iron weight plates • Internally-loaded • Tools included

Bells Of Steel Wildman Athletica Adjustable Kettlebell Features:

  • 41 SIZES IN 1 KETTLEBELL: The Wildman Adjustable Kettlebell is nearly identical to our upgraded Adjustable Kettlebell: featuring a base model with an optional expansion pack, so you can start light and upgrade later. The 20.5kg base includes the 12kg shell with 8.5kg of weight plates (1x 3kg, 2x 2kg, 1x 1kg & 1x 0.5kg), so you get 18 different increments with just the base model — yes, even that pesky 13kg! Add the 13kg expansion pack plates (2x 4kg, 1x 3kg, 1x 2 kg) to have a WHOPPING 41 increments, which is enough range for most to last a lifetime of kettlebell training.
  • REPLACES +8 KETTLEBELLS: As you progress in strength and skill, you’ll need more wild kettlebells, and more room to store them. Luckily, the Wildman Adjustable Kettlebell replaces an ENTIRE set, as it can weigh anywhere from 12kg to 32kg with the expansion pack. Its weight range makes it the perfect option for home gym enthusiasts, small fitness studios, and others who are tight on space. Just store it in a corner or under the stairs but if you’re a real-deal Beller, you know it’s best admired atop your fireplace mantle in the glow of a smoldering fire, as you drink vodka straight from the bottle like a hardened Girevik of old.
  • SAVES OVER $700: Buying enough competition kettlebells to replace the Wildman Adjustable Kettlebell would tally up to over $1,000 and that’s BEFORE adding the shipping fees…. talk about a kick in the bells. And unless you want them strewn across your floor, you might also want an Interchangeable Weight Rack to store them on. Clearly, costs can add up fast. But when you invest in this training tool instead, you’ll save yourself at least $700 — your wallet (and your nether regions) will thank you. And it’s even got Mark’s stamp of approval, what’s not to love? 
  • Real Kettlebell Feeling: If you’re a serious kettlebell, you know that you should practice as you play. The Wildman Adjustable Kettlebell closely matches the feeling and dimensions of pro-grade kettlebells — 35mm handle, competition-sized shell, and 11″ height — so you can master your swings, cleans & presses in sport-specific fashion (vintage leotard not included)🤸🏻‍♀️

  • Simple To Adjust: Adjusting the weights in the Wildman Adjustable Kettlebell takes only 1-2 minutes. Use the included Allen key to undo the bottom screw, remove the bottom part of the shell, loosen the nut using the included hex nut wrench, and swap whatever plates you need. Reverse these steps to reassemble, and voilà! You’re ready to swing into your next set.
  • Easy To Micro-Load: Our competitors rarely offer plates smaller than 2kg, so you typically can’t do 13kg or 31kg with theirs. But the base model of the Wildman Adjustable Kettlebell has a 0.5kg AND 1kg plate, so you can micro-load every step of the way. And when 2kg increases become too hard, you can add as little as 0.5kg for a more manageable workload.
  • Highly Portable: Kettlebells are compact, so you can take them almost anywhere. But the Wildman Adjustable Kettlebell is on a whole other level. With it, you can get an insanely scalable workout anywhere, anytime — at the outdoor fitness park, deep in the woods, or at your kid’s soccer game. And while they’re scoring goals on the field, you’ll be scoring gains in your fitness 💪🏻

Bells Of Steel Wildman Athletica Adjustable Kettlebell Specifications:

Brand MW + B.o.S.
Empty Shell Weight 26.5lbs/12kg
Fully Loaded Weight 70.5lbs/32kg
Total Height 11"/279mm
Shell Diameter 8.25"/210mm
Handle Diameter 35mm
Handle Width 7.5"/191mm
Window Height 2.25"/57mm
Window Width 4.75"/121mm
Plate Increments 1lb/0.5kg
Plate Units Kilograms
Coating Powder Coat
Shell Material Steel
Plate Material Iron
Tools Included
Warranty Limited Lifetime

Bells Of Steel Wildman Athletica Adjustable Kettlebell Options Available:

  • Single 20.5KG Adjustable Kettlebell
  • 13KG Expansion Weight Pack Only

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